16 thoughts on “PEGGY

    1. Oh their teeth are just as big or bigger than wolves,It just look like it in this shot because she doesn’t want the juices from the oysters slipping out so she’s cupped her lips higher blocking the view. I’ve seen them up close. Goggle a bears skull and look at the teeth there.

    1. she’s such a gentle soul! At one point after Piglet went into the forest (because of her shyness) the wind made a noise from that direction and she swung around ready to battle whatever it was that spooked her!

    1. ya,it kind of looks like that but she was only searching for food and looked up at me. Her nature is calm. When a animal is stressed its body language will tell you! Like a dogs hackles raising.

  1. Wow – these are great close-ups of Peggy. I want to say “my what big paws and mouth you have!” She was showing off her new cub for you Wayne … I know you feel special about that!

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