7 thoughts on “MAGGIE GIRL

      1. I don’t understand that Wayne – who can resist seeing the sky lit up with a glow, an array of beautiful colors, even one long golden ray. I’m never outside to see the sunset. I would have to go to a wide-open space to see it and then come home in the dark afterward. Thus I miss out … miss the sunrise too for the same reason. There are places without buildings or houses nearby unless you go down to the River. At one time the dark was not worrisome. I came home late after being out with friends and never worried (my parents likely did), but I wouldn’t do it now.

      2. Yes, my friend Marge went to the Detroit River every morning to watch the sunrise … took her coffee and breakfast … I think I mentioned that before. And she got some beautiful shots. I will do it … I planned to do it last year on the one-year anniversary of her death and there was construction in the area and I could not get near and would have had to leave earlier. I will try again I think. I have one pic shortly after sunrise in the Winter … it was beautiful.

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