61 thoughts on “TOFINO FACETS

    1. thank you! That bear is “Lefty”. She has only her left eye.Her right eye has gone bad,not from injury but by disease I suspect? She’s a gentle soul. She had triplets last year.
      Always a pleasure to share with good souls like yourself!

      1. It all does mean so much to me!
        To be honest I’m not really sure I truly understand it all but than life should always have some mystery don’t you think Kamal?

      2. Yes absolutely true, Wayne life is a mystery and that is who we are. Everyday we too are changing in this illusionary scenario. Wayne I have written a Poetry Book would love if you could comment on that post which I have kept on my blog a few days back. Have a nice day.

      3. Ya actually Wayne I have published my book on Amazon Kindle and if you are on Amazon Kindle you can go and download my book from them. You can simply write Poet’s Touch and you will find the book. Thanks and yes the poetries are all nice to read.

      4. You know Wayne you remind me of Dr. Wayne Dyre who was a great motivator and such a nice person to listen on YouTube. Your first three words are awesome. As God always says You are the Way and You are the Goal.

    1. yes,I must admit I have always felt sorry for her ailment but suspect she’s just fine. Once the cubs are forced away its very hard to keep track of them unless they have a unique physical marking!

  1. Mother Nature’s finest work … the scenery, sunsets, peek-a-boo bear, a heron who stays planted in one place more than a few seconds and soaring eagles – all beautiful shots you have here Wayne. You should have showcased them on Saturday, June 15th as it was “Nature Photography Day”.

      1. Well that’s a bummer – one of your favorite times to shoot and line up those eagles against the backdrop of the moon. If it’s not rain, it is fog You’ll have to wait til next month then. We have another stormy day here on Thursday.

      2. ya and now its raining to boot!

        I basically get three days each month. The last three days before the actual full moon. You can’t shoot on the actual day as the sun sets just as the moon is breaking the eastern horizon. By the time the moon rises high enough its too bright.
        When the moon comes up its always pale. As the hours pass the moon will get brighter and brighter. It’ll be at its brightest when its completely black out.
        So at the beginning the moon is too pale and at the end its too bright. The best time to shoot a eagle in front is when the moon has a perfect contrast,not too pale and not too bright,…the Goldi Loks zone.That means there is a period when the moon is perfectly exposed. That time window is about 30 minutes or so. During this time period the moon has perfect contrast.
        So it boils down to three days before the full moon with 30 minute time windows on each day that I can shoot.
        Of course, if one of my eagle friends isn’t perched perfectly during this time period ….I’m screwed.
        There are very few trees that can be used too btw. I need a tree spire with no foliage on it. If a eagle is perched in a tree but there are limbs/foliage in behind,how are you going to see the moon?
        So you really have to line all your ducks lined up for a eagle/moon shot!

      3. And people look at your pictures and think you do it effortlessly, not knowing all the factors that have to come into play. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for July 20th this year … 50 years since the first moon landing, so an excellent time to showcase some of your eagles perched in front of the moon. The full moon is 07/16 – the Buck Moon. I just looked. Too bad it was not the same day – that would be something, wouldn’t it? Maybe shooting conditions will be better then. Just heard the weekend forecast for us and we have rain Saturday afternoon and then storms overnight and into Sunday … Summer is going to be as bad as Spring!

      4. You’re welcome Wayne – I will look forward to seeing it. The other big 50-year event celebration this year is Woodstock. As someone who grew up in the 70s with the music, etc., I’ll be interested to see how the media commemorates that event. (It just cannot be a half-century for these two events … that makes me feel older than dirt.)

      5. I remember Woodstock. One of my brothers was going to go but couldn’t find a lift. I was 13 at the time. I guess I could of gone but to be honest that sort of stuff never interested me.

      6. I remember hearing about Woodstock too … three days of “peace, love and music” … many bands and singers that I was not really into, nor heard of at that time. I was 13 too and whatever singers/bands I knew, I listened to on my transistor radio or bought their 45s at Kresge’s or Woolworth’s. I think they are trying to recreate the event this August for the 50th anniversary but last I heard they may not pull it off, or it may fall short since so many of the performers have since died.

    1. thank you…..I’ve come to the understanding that the only real variable with my eagle shots are the clouds!
      Each night there are different! On this particular evening the air was moving very uniformly and had seperated into bands.

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