15 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

      1. Oh, my! That makes the relationship even more precious, does it not? What a Blessing, for sure – as it is to all of us that are able to share your Joy through your posts. I for one am very grateful for that gift, Wayne. Thank you so much!

  1. Up close and personal with the Daredevil. How come I’ve never noticed his white spots on his legs before … is he moulting, or I just missed it as you usually feature close-ups of his head or him flying sideways?

      1. Our geese are still at the Park and will be for a while since the last family of goslings are pretty small and even the earliest set are not ready to fledge. I have some recent pictures of those goslings flipping their tiny wings in the air … no way can they follow their parents and fly to a safer place til the parents’ flight feathers grow back. And, I doubt they will go to Lake Erie this year as the shoreline and park are very flooded. I saw hundreds of them last year along the Lake Erie shoreline at Lake Erie Metropark. The soggy Spring has messed up things for not just humans but our feathered friends as well.

      2. Yes, I hope that having that last set so late will not affect the parents’ ability to to a safe haven and hopefully that safe haven will be in better shape once they arrive. That’s a 16-mile journey for them to Lake Erie Metropark, maybe too far to fly if not fully feathered due to moulting.

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