15 thoughts on “MAGGIE’S SUNSET

    1. I actually hate these kind of sunsets Jacquie. When thicker clouds move in to snuff the sunset.
      When I finished with that bear and began to head back I saw that cloud layer moving in and knew exactly what was going to happen.

      1. I feel so grateful to follow your amazing and inspiring blog! 🙏🦅☀️And incredibly happy that you could pay the visit to Maggie. She’s such an inspiration!💛🌈🌳

      2. thank you Merit,thats very sweet of you to say! I appreciate it! I like to share what I see out there. I’m always by myself out there,so this is the only real way I can share with someone. I see the most amazing sights!

  1. Very beautiful Wayne – more of a subdued sunset instead of your usual intense orange, but you still got Maggie’s reflection on the water and as usual, I am fascinated by that large wingspan. You’ve captured every feather in those outstretched wings.

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