15 thoughts on “HAVING A SNACK

  1. Nice to see a bear! I saw one out today when walking Scout, on the far side from us over the bay and cruising the shore, made for a lovely scene. Not up close like you get to do – thanks, Wayne.

      1. In a car, the bear was over 100 metres away, and Scout was growling and hackles up – dogs and bears is really wolf and bear! The other day, Judy was walking Scout when Scout stopped along the path, same reaction, they didn’t see the bear and they headed back. A few minutes later, it was posted that a bear was seen on that trail, was hanging out there for a day or two. Scout’s a handy early warning, for us and the bear…

  2. This big black bear looks speechless in your presence … maybe not speechless per se, but it is so engrossed with your presence that he/she stopped chewing the grass snack!

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