28 thoughts on “A TOFINO FLY BY

      1. Oh! An easy catch then, lol. Not sure if I told you about the time we were watching a seal who had a fish and suddenly out of nowhere an eagle swooped and stole it!
        Poor seal didn’t know what happened, lol

      2. Eagles are famous for stealing fish from other animals!
        Its the reason why Ben Franklin didn’t want Baldies as the national symbol! He thought the honourable wild Turkey was more fitting.

    1. I think its a large Vermillion rock cod. They grow very slowly. I bet that fish is 40 to 50 years old! Old age can be between 100 to 200 years! The females do not begin to spawn until they are 25.

  1. I scrolled down through the comments to see if anyone asked about the fish and what type – big fish! I saw it was a present and how old that fish was. Good catch in mid-air and I like one bird gazing at another one.

  2. Wow, Wayne. Great action photos here and as always, truly stunning. The eagle with the fish is an astounding capture. And I like the eagle eyeing the sea plane, as if they are cousins. Fantastic photos, my friend.

    1. thanks Jet! Thats Ernie and Ethel. They both were there but Ethel was the one chowing down and Ernie was waiting patiently for his turn. She took off and left Ernie and I to ourselves. He actually was eyeing me and ignoring the plane. They are very use to floatplanes coming through this spot.

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