18 thoughts on “ORCA VISTAS

    1. I don’t think they cared If I was around Linda. I would of loved to of been able to sit on top of one of these inlet mountains and watch from a distance!
      They prefer these long quiet inlets when giving birth.

      1. That’s interesting – I never would have thought about how they eat below the water – they have to eat more than just fish at that size or they’d starve. You had mentioned them eating the harbor seals when you saw the wounds on the Orca the last time and I wondered how they ate them then.

      2. there are two distinct families of Orcas,the “Transient” and the “Residents”.
        The Transients eat only warm blooded animals while the Residents eat only Chinook salmon. I assume the residents eat the salmon whole or in several bites but the Transients will take longer as the animals are much bigger. If they get a Stellar Sea Lion (2200 lbs) they’ll be chowing down for a half a hour or so I bet!

      3. Before you said chowing down for half an hour I was thinking “where do they keep it – hopefully the water is cold enough to store it” … there I go, thinking like a human again. Then you said they eat it right up,. Yes I keep forgetting how many tons big that Orcas are. They would need a lot of salmon to fill them up as well.

      4. yes,the Residents are suffering. There are only 74 of them left and many are showing signs of starvation. Several have already died due to a lack of salmon. The Government has announced restrictions on fishing so that they can survive but whats the outcry…..anger! If there is a buck to be made you can be sure that whatever is in the way that it’ll be pushed aside!
        Some Residents are showing “peanut head”. Which is what happens when they lose body fat.

      5. I hope someone steps up to the plate and bans the fishing outright, instead of just putting restrictions on it. I read the article – very sad what they’ve allowed to happen. Just like with the sharks we commented on not too long ago. Especially where you live and the people come to Tofino for whale watching expeditions. If the Government cannot cooperate by shutting down fishing to help let the whales live for the tourist aspect, why not let the whales eat properly and be healthy just for nature’s sake? They will destroy everything for the almighty buck.

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