This Orca did a back flip








23 thoughts on “A ORCA SUNSET PARTY

  1. The color of the mountains in the background is interesting here and they seem to showcase the Orca doing the backflip even better … you’ve captured the spray flying off his tail and the spray from the plop of his body into the water … I can almost hear that big splash and it must have rocked the water and your boat bigtime!

      1. I wondered how close the Orcas were – because if they were frolicking out there in the water, I was thinking the force of their bodies slapping onto the surface might be rocking the boat. The mountains in silhouette were beautiful – different shades of brown. Sometimes they appear more grayish/blue when the sun is setting.

      2. the water is always rippling and almost never like a lake,calm. So I wouldn’t be able to tell what waves are what?
        I looked to the west and saw I had only about 1/2 hour of sun left. So thats when I started doing silhouettes!

    1. yes,it was great but because of the mountains to the west the sun disappeared much too soon if you ask me.
      Thats why I always like to end my shoot out in the harbour where Romeo and Juliette live. To the west of them is a low island. So I get the best sunsets from there.

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