39 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

    1. from reading your stories Robbie I know that you are one of those loving and caring Mothers that the world needs more of. One can never have enough love in this life but one sure can perish from the lack.

    1. thank you Emma! After 40 years of photographing Black bears I think this one shoot was the most remarkable for me. It was like Peggy and I were connected and understood each other. A gentle loving spirit knows no boundaries.

  1. These are such precious photos Wayne – I really like them. A mother’s love is special, whether it is human or furry or feathered creatures. How mothers nurture their young is a love like no other. P.S. – is this Peggy and Piglet?

      1. I thought it might be Peggy and Piglet … I was not following your blog when Piglet was that small. Now I know why your followers were saying they were surprised how big she got. Like you said about the goslings – baby animals are almost always cutie pies.

      2. Of course I had to Google “baby moles” – yes, they lack that “cuteness factor” … the key elements for cuteness are fuzzy and furry.

  2. Awe Peggy and Piglet. You took such wonderful photos of them. Thanks for good wishes. I am having fun now watching my daughter be a mother. Reminds me of how precious the early years are. Have a wonderful day yourself.

      1. I hadn’t thought about it that way. You have a very special gift for expressing things, Wayne. Thank you and be well.

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