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      1. That’s okay no bear shot – you were lucky with all these shots. Since I’ve followed you (late January 2018) this is only the second time I recall you having posts this close and one time just in the harbor, just the dorsal fin, not moving around.

      2. Orcas are not that common BUT I do not listen to the VHF radio for chatter between the boats. I only go out near sunset, so If they went through the harbour around noon……I’m screwed.

      3. Orcas are very very unpredictable!
        Now………having said that,the Whale Watching businesses have their boats out there cruising around here and there. Thats many many eyes out there searching for anything that moves! Once anyone of them find something like a Orca (or it could be some Greys or Humpbacks) they use their marine VHF radio to report what and where.
        So If one was so inclined,they could have a monitor at home and listen to all the conversations between the boats. As soon as you hear about Orcas being in the area,out the door you go!
        I do not do that as I always go out 3 hours before sunset. To me the,light is primary and subject secondary. So If a Orca is going to drop in they not only need to be around 3 hours before sunset but also they must come inside. They need to go up the inlets. If they are on the outside trying to predict where they come up is very hard! Theres so much room out there they most always come up somewhere else your not looking at. By them coming in to the inside inlets they are far easier to predict because the more narrow channels act as a cattle chute. Browning pass is the best place to shoot them. Knowing when and where they are going to breach cannot be overly stated!

      4. Thank you for the explanation Wayne. Do you think that any of the climate change is affecting seeing them closer? Is it chillier in the smaller areas of water as opposed to out in the ocean? Or maybe that doesn’t matter to them. You would think they would like the freedom of larger bodies of water to be together in a pod, as opposed to the confining bodies of water like an inlet … they have more freedom to get away if a predator is there (a human predator). Now going to watch videos.

      5. Orcas have no natural predators. We as humans have killed them in the past but that practice has been reduced significantly. The BC Government actually had a machine gun installed in Seymour narrows to kill them! I don’t think it was ever used but the act its self is insulting enough!.

        Orcas go into these more narrow inlets to feed. A bay corals the prey and makes chasing much better!
        Orcas chat amongst themselves from time to time. I suspect what they do when they come into these inlets is like having a biker gang come into a small town. Everyone can hear them and stay off the streets. They basically hide from them.
        So they chat it up loudly when they come into these inlets. They want all the Harbour Seals to hear them. The Harbour Seals all go “OH OH” and run to hide. They hide in the sea weed beds.Great camouflage!
        The Orcas after chatting it up loudly will swim silently now. They check every bay they know (they remember every bays configuration and where,if any, are the seaweed beds) and slowly cruise through the weed beds trying to flush out any hiding Seal. Much like a Hunters dog flushing out Pheasant or Grouse.

        Having said that,they also like to come into these deep quiet fiords to give birth.

      6. This info about their habits was interesting Wayne, and the link you sent was interesting as well, but how cruel though. They had so many ways they were going to kill the whales, even by a bomb – how awful. (Even what they did to the sharks that are now extinct in the area just made me shudder – cutting them in half alive!) In the end the guy admitted that after Moby “Doll” died he realized it was a mistake and he should have left him in his own environment. At least he realized that, and had a heart somewhat, but not before it died in their care. I am wondering why they wouldn’t have thought to feed it fish from the beginning – and how in the world did this whale survive for several months if it ate no food? I would have thought maybe it was pining for its pod and that’s why it did not eat. That might have been it too. Animals don’t eat, even if hungry, if they are upset or separated from family, even humans. When we had our parakeet years ago, we would go to visit my grandmother for a three-day holiday. We would give Joey extra food and water (we used the glass tubes just when we went away). We’d come home and find he did not touch any food – no chaff in the seed cup. The minute we walked in the door – we’d go over to see him and he’d come to the front of the cage and was happy, then immediately start eating. He’d pine for family as he was here all alone. So maybe that’s why this whale did not initially eat (because surely someone would think of feeding it fish after they tried everything else). How sad that they just wanted a big whale to hang overhead for a few people to ooh and ahh over and that was so important to them, and there was the pair who went looking for a whale to bring back for Marineland of the Pacific. See, I just mentioned that yesterday and going to see Bubbles the Whale. My father had a job interview in California, so we drove there from Oakville and went to Marineland and Disneyland while there. Interesting imagining the whales splitting the food between them while underwater – you’d think after they killed that prey, the current in the water would cause it to float away before they got a chance to grab/eat it.

      7. I just saw on the NEWS a protest in downtown Victoris. Its a bunch of fish anglers pissed off that the Government has restricted fishing. They all are taking so much that the “Southern Resident Orcas” are starving to death. But they don’t give a shit about the environment as long as they can make money at it!
        That attitude of me,I want,I demand is why we are in this mess! If the last fish was caught they’d turned on the Government for not protecting the fish!
        We are lousy stewards! We fumble along through evolution like a bull in a china shop!

      8. I don’t blame you for being pissed – after reading that article you sent me, (and granted it was from a few years ago), at least the Government NOW has taken a different approach toward these large creatures. Yes, God forbid the Orcas live and the fisherman can’t sell their fish. Does the Government step in for the sake of saving the Orcas or for the tourism industry? I hope it is the former. Our Fish and Game patrol caught a couple of guys last weekend with 80 Walleye, five times the legal limit. All they do is slap their hand really … a fine but they lose their fishing license. People don’t care about anything but themselves.

      9. I just read this story – I am sickened, just as I was last night when I read about slicing them in half. Yes, I realize sharks are predators to humans, (different varieties) and yes I have sympathy for those who want to swim or surf in waters where sharks may attack, but that is a chance that you are taking. It is the shark’s domain, not the human’s … so people would say I am a crazy fool for taking such an attitude. On this morning’s news, I heard this story below, so searched it out just now – so this will lift your spirits a little about the basking sharks. P.S. – On another note, if there was something to eradicate dobermans I’d all for it. The dog on the corner has been barking since 6:00 a.m. and next door is getting a porch or some such thing and the dog is intermittently barking at that and the rest of the time at the roofers across the street from where the dog lives. I hope that the torrential rains we are expecting hurry up and get here to shut all of them down.

      10. interesting article Linda! Nature will always rebound just as long as we leave them alone.
        That dog sounds lonely.The owner probably doesn’t walk or interact with it. Most likely a brain dead male owns it.He’s the problem not the dog.

      11. Yes, you’re right Wayne – I figured that would buoy your spirits. How odd that I saw this message from you, then shortly afterward hearing the story and I had never heard of basking sharks before yesterday. The dog is left outside all day long from early morn and has a doghouse – owner does not want it in the house as it tears up the house (this I understand from next door). It is a guy who owns it. Dog scares me and I like dogs – it lays back its ears and bares its teeth, so I cross on the opposite side. I’m not scared of dogs and can usually make friends with any dog … but I don’t like this one and it probably senses that.

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