I went out tonight with the goal of finding some of my furry friends up in Fortune Channel. At the south end of Fortune Channel is Dawley Pass. I was heading northward and about to enter Fortune when a Orca popped up right in front of me heading south! Orcas are relatively rare,so I turned around and began following them. I was with them the better part of 3 hours. They headed eastward down Tofino inlet. Other boats joined me in procession. After a hour or so all the other boats took off leaving me alone with them once again. The light was pretty good for the background but they did stay in the shadows. I’m not sure how many were in this pod but I’d hazard a guess at 4 or 6 ? The youngster kept coming up with a bit of a jump to its breach! I’ll find out who they are tomorrow. I lost them around Rankin rocks and so headed back to Tofino. I stopped off for a quick hello with the Daredevil. Couldn’t stay long as I was already coming back in semi darkness and I do not have running lights.

I was very happy to of found them! These are very intelligent and beautiful creatures!

UPDATE : April 29.19 – I found out this pod is T023C.Three matured females and a calf. aka Motley Crew

33 thoughts on “FAMILY TIME

      1. yes,once a large male (who had just torn apart a Seal) came over to check me out (I later realized why………I had taken my headphones off and the music was still playing. The hull must of transmitted the sound and he came over to see what that sound was). It rolled onto its side just a few feet from my boat (I had the engine off) we locked eyes as it glided silently under my boat. They have large eyes but the dorsal fin was six feet.
        He caught me off guard photographically! I had my camera with my big lens. I missed the shots because he was too close! I needed my other camera which had a wide angle zoom on it,but I did get it on video!

      2. Gosh that sounds very exciting. I know just what you mean about having the wrong lens on a camera for a shot. It’s not very likely you would have thought “I better be prepared for if the whale comes right up close and stares me in the eye!” Still you probably remember it better for not having the camera “in the way”.

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