23 thoughts on “BREACHING

      1. anytime Orcas come into view I stick with them right to the end of the day.Which makes it late for me.
        A few years ago I found another pod but by the time I came back the fog had sat down and I got lost. I ended up seeing lights and went for them. It was a friends house. I had to beach the boat for the night. He gave me a ride home and I rode my bike out the next day and got my boat. I squeeze every second out when I’m with these guys Sally. Still tired after 6 hours but will grab a nap.

      2. I can imagine that the sight of them is so rare that you want to stay with them as long as possible. Glad the lights were a friends house.. and you know what you are doing.. not a job for the faint hearted.. enjoy your nap and thanks for all the effort to capture these photographs for our pleasure.. hugs

    1. thats where I found them,they were going through the gap. Its the beginning where the bears hang out.It would of been even better If a bear was walking along the shore line at the time!

  1. At first excuse my late revisit, Wayne! Hope you had a nice Easter celebrations. The images are superb as always. Orcas are wonderful, even if they are sometimes called “killer whales”. Nature has its own law, and humans are “killing” animals, often without the need to eat them. Thank you for the wonderful images. Best wishes, Michael

    1. they were original called “Killer Of Whales” because thats what they did,but it was shortened to “Killer Whales”. They actually installed a large cannon to kill them as the fishermen said they were taking too much of “their” salmon!
      Now the fishermen are saying the Sea Lions are stealing their fish so we have to kill a bunch of them too!
      sorry for the rant Michael,these things bother me.

      1. Thank you for the information, Wayne! So missunderstanding is possible. Oh my gosh, let em eat as much as they need. Here we have the same problems with the Comorans.
        Not every fish has to be sold by humans. Michael

      2. yes,very true Michael.
        I use to be a Fish Farmer. Many do not know that the food pellets they feed the fish are made from small fish captured out in the ocean. It takes about 4 pounds of wild small fish for a salmon to put on one pound.
        They now are experimenting with growing algae to feed the salmon. A far more sustainable food source!

      1. I like when you have the pictures of them breaching especially seeing their distinctive markings – you were lucky indeed to see this amazing sight in nature. I saw Bubbles the Whale at Marineland of the Pacific back in 1965 – incredible sight, but not out in nature as you saw it and now they don’t do this anymore.

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