I’m not sure but assume these marks were caused by a Sea Lion fighting back……..and yes it was probably the last thing it ever did….cause their on the menu!

UPDATE : May 1/19 –  Here is my latest theory……These markings may be from the adults?

When we all were children our mother or father sometimes scolded and disciplined us.I think these marks are from the teeth of the mother and father scolding the calf. Like getting your rear paddled.

I’ve asked the experts but they do not seem to know,but they do say these marks are common on Orcas.




20 thoughts on “ATTACKED!

      1. Very interesting! I had no idea about claws and clippers on different species. It makes perfect sense that the marks are from a Harbour Seals.

  1. Oh that’s terrible – well I guess that the seals get a shot of adrenalin when they realize their life is in danger and just go for it and try to harm the Orca, even if it is like David and Goliath. Wonder how old the scratches are that they healed up like that? The seal could scratch the whale’s eye just as easily in their frenzy to escape.

      1. Often that is how they find murderers as their DNA from their skin is under the fingernails. Those looked to be deep scratches on the hide (I guess you’d call it a hide).

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