I originally shot these on November 20,2018.

This is Romeo perching upon his throne. I knew where he was going to perch. I lined the moon up in behind and called him,he came straight over! I think I got 2 or 3 sequences of him perching. The golden light is icing to the cake!


38 thoughts on “ROMEO’S MOON LANDING

  1. Absolutely amazing Wayne. You should frame these as a sequence to hang on a wall for everyone to admire. Timeless in its beauty.

      1. Wow that would be something to see. I’m sure whatever you do will be visually stunning.

  2. Hi. Thanks for a great set of images that capture the fleeting beauty of the eagle’s descent to perch upon its selected rocky plinth. Words sometimes fail to describe the true beauty of the motion whereas the camera capture the passing moments with great eloquence. Happy photography. Have a wonderful day. Goff

      1. That’s great news Wayne- well this a great sequence of photos. Yes this is a big year for memories that you will remember: 50 years for Woodstock and 50 years for Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. In the basement in my desk (which I can’t get near) I have the front page of the “Detroit News” that featured the moon landing. My mom said “keep it – it will be worth something one day” but I never preserved it just stuck in in the drawer. Hopefully it is not stuck to anything.

      2. You should do something special to commemorate the moon landing – even just re-blogging this post. I just looked and it is on a Saturday. This is 2001 – a Space Odyssey? I have never seen it … in fact, I am probably one of the few people who never saw any of the Star Trek movies, or Lost in Space on TV. (I did see The Jetsons).

  3. Awesome!

    I’ve been watching a nest that has been known to have been inhabited by an eagle. It’s been several weeks, each day I check as I drive by and today…an eagle was visible sitting in the nest! :)

    1. excellent! I don’t think we can have too many eagles!
      I’d love to put up eagle cams all over Tofino. I’d tie them all in to a site. I’ve even thought of a name TEC Tofino Eagles Cams.

      1. Awesome idea…I hope you can work that out. By the way, upon closer look on a subsequent day and using a telephoto lens…my eagle was actually an osprey family. I did get some good shots which I’ll send you.

      1. I am more of a morning light person, Wayne. I think its beacuse I am morning person and I get get it together to photograph later in the day! I’d like to see that photo of an evening potato!

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