Its rare that I can get a shot of them both together. Delilah went missing last year. I didn’t see her for 5 month’s or so? I’m pretty sure she passed away. The Daredevil found a new partner. She’s younger and doesn’t want to have anything to do with me……no accounting for taste!


  1. Eagles are enjoyable to watch. We have two nests very close to me. More further away. People say once the babies leave the nest they don’t return. We have seen the dad eagle hanging out with a juvenile from time to time. This is even after the babies have hatched.

    1. on the contrary…..the juveniles do come back and it appears they all come back around the same time too.
      The offspring from previous years all gets a pass card when it comes to visiting mum and dad. The parents will object of course and raise a ruckus but won’t attack.
      If it was a strange eagle you can be sure they would attack it and chase it away!
      They come back to see if mum and dad are still occupying. Most times they are but when they find it abandoned,they inherent it.

      1. I think the juvenile has a nest nearby. They occasionally sit near each other on a tree next to the river. The juvenile even helped guard the nest when there were eggs in it. Sometimes it flies in and the dad follows it south a mile or so to a good fishing spot. I figured it could be one of their young from last year.

      2. The NY Post a few years ago wrote about I think a pair of red tailed hawks. The female got injured and people took her to rehab if I am remembering correctly. Meanwhile the dad took up with another female probably presuming his original mate died. When they returned the original female to the nest their were issues. After that the dad split his time between two nests.

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