11 thoughts on “ROMEO’S SUNSET

  1. I noticed in a recent post there was debris on the water surface and I see it again today, so I’m going to ask you what it is. So there was twigs or brush in the first picture and the eagle took it to use as nest material?

      1. Thank you for the info – it looks like all kinds of sea critters use it for cover. Are the aquatic animals aware of the low and high tides so they know enough to be acclimated for their daily lives? I believe you said the bears were aware of the tide for catching salmon.

      2. I assume all animals are aware of the tides? The bears pay attention to the tides so they can get at the crabs. At high tide all the small crabs are scurrying here and there but come low tide they all scurry under the rocks for cover! The bears of course know this and simply access the rocks at low tide,turn them over and suck up all the scurrying crabs like a Ant eater!

      3. It is likely an innate sense for all creatures, no matter their size, a marvel of nature. Clearly, the bears are no slouches in the food-gathering department and that is why they are so big!

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