24 thoughts on “DINNER TIME

  1. I once saw some Scottish Sea Otters off the coast of West Scotland, many years ago. It was a very special experience. It was very fleeting and so I am very impressed that you’ve caught this chap on camera!

    1. how did you know they were Scottish…….did they have their kilts on?
      Large groups “raft” up by joining paws.They like to do this on weed beds so they can sleep and not drift.

    1. Thanks Wayne for allowing me to put the beautiful Pano of today on my home screen. What a gorgeous shot with an amazing background!!

    1. River Otters like to slide down snowy hills. Of course we do not get that much snow here for me to see that but I have seen it on TV. Sea Otters probably have never done anything like that?

  2. I would say this playful otter is happy as a clam for finding this treat and he is eating fish on Good Friday – even better! The last shot is like he is just savoring the moment!

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