17 thoughts on “A TOFINO FLY BY

  1. The folks in the boat got an unexpected treat and they have captured the image in their minds as it happened so fast, they likely could not have reached for a camera that quickly. The wingspan is almost as long as the boat!

      1. I am surprised those folks didn’t approach you first to ask you if you got a picture of the eagle and them admiring it as they had to notice you using the camera. Did you hear the story of the person who took a picture of a father and child playing at Notre Dame Cathedral shortly before the fire? That person who took the photo (don’t know if it was a professional photographer or just a tourist) put out on Twitter that she had the photo and maybe they would like it as one of the last pictures showing the Cathedral. It was retweeted many times to find the person’s name, etc. … the guy came forth but never wanted the picture and there was another photographer got a picture of a guy man proposing to a woman on a mountain and they were at a distance – her Tweet managed to get to him and yes they wanted the photo – they thought they were in a remote location, all by themselves.

      2. I don’t have TV so I listen to the AM radio news at least 6-8 times a day. They have a comprehensive news at the top of each hour, including the national news. So I heard both stories there – I think they were trending on Twitter as well. I try to pop onto Twitter to keep up with trending stuff, but I’m behind with all social media right now. In looking for the story to show you, because it was a stunning scenic view at Yosemite, I see that it was a Michigan photographer that took the photograph. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/michigan-photographer-captures-stunning-photo-of-mystery-couples-proposal-at-yosemite-enlists-help-of-internet-to-identify-them

      3. yes,I have seen that shot before.Excellent shot and it shows how important “being at the right place at the right time” is with photography!
        With all my shots,you never see the ones that fail. If I shot 400 tonight roughly 300 would fail. I have a 1 in 4 ratio or 25% success rate.

      4. It was incredible that a photographer was there to witness that moment and made an effort to connect with them after the fact. Well, the failure rate is not due to lack of expertise but you are shooting wildlife and they move all over the place, unlike scenery. But even with a setting sun you have to scramble around so it doesn’t happen too quickly or a cloud doesn’t take over the sky right? I come home with images of tails only – they ran away that quickly out of the frame!

      5. actually If you think about it, anyone going to these spots would most certainly be carrying a camera. I bet there were more than just a few people up there around that time.

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