One thing I like about animals is that they have habits. If you hang around them long enough you can see patterns. “Thumper” likes to perch on top of this log and thump away! Grouse move around in their territory like a trapper on a trap line. They beat their wings against their chest creating a loud thrumming sound. (Unfortunately the trail camera does not have sound.) Once you’ve heard the it, you’ll never forget it.

He’s basically telling other males to stay away and any females that he’s there.


35 thoughts on ““THUMPER” THUMPING

  1. Thumper is “King of the Hill” for his part of the woods, and ready to take on the world – talk about an animal with spirit! You have captured that spirit with this video Wayne.

    1. thanks Linda but am not happy about the lighting and him having his back to the camera. Now that I know he always faces eastward I will put a 2X4 two feet away from him. In this video it was about 3 feet away. The trail camera appears to have a wide focal length.

      1. Well, consider this Wayne … seeing the back of Thumper as you did in this video, you are able to see his wing-thumping action much better than from a front angle … this way we are looking down on him at little – a better perspective.

      2. Well, you are a professional photographer so certainly you know better than me, but I was just going by looking at the wings from the back and that was an impressive show. Now, you have to hope he does it again and doesn’t claim another territory in which to impress more of the ladies.

    1. you have Jane………Oh that is good to hear! The Trail camera I use (& I suspect all trail cameras) doesn’t record sound. I”ve never thought about that before and now wonder if some do?
      They do have such a distinctive sound,don’t they! If you’ve never heard one before and heard him one might get alarmed! Especially when the sound would be moving around you.

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