The Daredevil looked fanatstic in golden light! Β You can see the almost full moon in the background.


48 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL #2

      1. and you can triple that magic with what I feel in those moments.
        Each of my eagle friends is unique,just like people. So each treats me differently
        Thank you for dropping in Merit!

      2. Feeling so happy and grateful to be part of the circle of your unique eagle friends through your blog! Thank you for making that possible! πŸ”†πŸ™πŸ”†Eagles are inspiring in so many ways…! πŸ¦…πŸŒŽπŸ’›

      3. your welcome Merit! Everyone is welcome to my little world but very few actually look. I have 1700 following me but only 8% (max) ever drop in and only about 6% like and 4% comment… thank you for not only dropping in with a smile but also for loving Nature!

      4. My greatest pleasure, always!β˜€οΈ Your blog is Inspiring, Uplifting and Connecting us all. Thank you for sharing Beauty and Wisdom of Earth and Eagles…!✨🌎✨

      1. yes,but eagles can only hover for a few seconds. 50 hummingbirds however would work just fine!
        I had some perch on my finger once.I found my hand becoming cold because of the air being fanned by their wings.

      2. Now that would be fun to watch and have them doing that. Their wings never seem to stop unless they find a place to perch. When we still lived in Canada, my father grew Cannas – they are hummingbird magnets when in bloom. Some of the Metroparks around here have nature centers. I follow Metroparks on Facebook and Twitter and they show people cupping their hands with seeds and chickadees or other small birds fly over to sit on their hands and eat. I don’t know if they provide the seeds, because Lake Erie Metropark forbids feeding any of the “wildlife” … I would like to have that experience. My friend in NY will load her birdfeeders and the chickadees always come over to eat from her hands … they have come to expect her to do this for them, so she always accommodates them.

      3. No, as much as I like him, I would worry he would bite me. He jumps up on me when I don’t feed him quickly enough (like taking a picture, someone starts talking to me) … he will try to jump up and reach the bag of peanuts. In the Summer I hang them in a mesh bag on my fanny pack, so my hand are free to take pictures or pass out nuts … in the Winter he sees the bag in my pocket. One of the walkers will hand feed him in the Winter if he has gloves on.

      4. I will try that – the store has gardening gloves of all weights and also in leather this time of year. Currently, I will get really close to him, but place the peanuts on the pathway, close to him, but offer one just inches from his body – I do that with all of them.

  1. Three days ago I saw on the coastline of the Baltic Sea the first time in my life a White-tailed Sea Eagle in the wild. All the seagulls fled as soon as he appeared in the blue sky. Not to compare with your movie, but for me it was an unforgettable highlight. In Germany we had in the 60’s only 60 breeding pairs! Meanwhile there are 700. A great success due to the protective measures.

    1. Oh that must of been beautiful to see! I’ve never seen a White Tailed before and probably never will. Wikipedia has a very interesting description of them.
      The article does talk about their rebound in certain areas.
      When one of my eagle friends sees me and flies over to greet me If there are any Gulls around me they all take off as they think its coming over for a snack!
      Thank you for letting me know and also very happy you enjoyed the videos!

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