The Daredevil plays a game with me. He likes to chase me. Of course he always catches me.Eagles fly very fast!

Trying to record him doing this chase scene is tricky! I take off,get up on a plane,stand up ย and let go of the throttle,place my feet as wide as I can and also place my right foot forward,call him,twist around 180 degrees without moving my feet and film him with a Go Pro (which doesn’t show me what I’m shooting,so I’m guessing?)

Not for the faint of heart!


      1. I was out plein air painting over a year ago at one of my favorite places to paint, I spotted a bald eagle flying over the peak of the mountain and was flying my way. He made several turns and I tried to get him sighted in to take some photos. Hilarious my trying but nothing. At least it made my day, talk about epic. To answer your question, no I haven’t. If I had an eagle come down to pose, that would work but I don’t think so. I think where you are the eagles being abundant, that would be a dream.

  1. Wow, truly amazing! How nice to be in an area where you see these beautiful birds on a regular basis! Were you in a boat to get this shot? You mentioned getting up on a plane (windsurfing term in my world).

  2. Awesome close-up and video! Hubby is cleaning our boat now, getting ready for launch. I cannot wait, I’m anxious to get back to our local Tuckahoe Creek to get this year’s action of the several pairs of Eagles that live along it. We’ve not had Eagles follow but they have circled us, and we’ve had Osprey flying close to us to check us out. :-)

    Boating and birding go hand in hand in my book!

    1. of all my followers I wanted to hear from you about this video.I know you’ve fallen in love with eagles as well. Being close to such a wildly beautiful animal like this almost brings me to tears.

      1. For some reason I don’t seem to see your post in my reader. I just can’t believe that video. Oh my goodness, did you say you were on a plane? And it actually responded to your voice. It really seemed to recognize you. Did you noticed how it flapped quickly and then it went to a more relaxed mode. I just love it. I can’t do the reblog but I will put the link on my blog. Just simply awesome.๐Ÿฆ…๐Ÿฆ…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  3. Fantastic! I saw the next post with the Daredevil video and thought, how in the world did he capture this? Great to hear how you did it and oh so very impressive. Liked hearing your voice, too, Wayne.

    1. thanks Jet,I talk to them. Eagles,bears do not understand my words,but I do think they can feel. I believe animals have a sixth sense they use to feel other animals. Its used for self preservation. We use to have it as well but since our domestication we haven’t needed it and so its diminished. When you’ve been walking down the street and feel somebody looking at you …….you turn and do see somebody watching you…..thats that sixth sense.
      The Daredevil doesn’t understand what I’m saying but he can feel me.

      1. Benjamin Franklin objected when the Baldie Eagle was being out forth as your National symbol. He had observed Baldies stealing fish from other Baldies and thought that this was a poor animal to represent the country.
        He instead thought the honourable wild Turkey would better reflect the nations values.

      2. of course not,having said that there are more Bald Eagles in the dens of americans than flying around in America. Baldies have been shot and persecuted for many decades,not to mention deadly pesticides like DDT. Plus many are shot simply for the illegal ceremonially black trade of feathers/talons.
        Instead of just eating, America disrespects its National symbol. I do not say these things lightly and apologize if you feel offended but imagine how a eagle feels when a ranchers bullet goes through its heart.

      3. I have yet to see a bald eagle stuffed like deer or bear. Not that it does not happen. Don’t think it is as common. I think certain bird feathers are off limits. In NY they have signs up around the nests. Some public areas are closed around them from Dec- March- mating season. Some feathers supposed to go to native Americans. That being said our local nests are not supposed to be advertised. There was an incident evidently a few years ago where some lady threw rocks at it to try to get one to fly out of the nest evidently. There are people like that everywhere, unfortunately. It is not specific to the US.

      4. I agree,there are many in Canada that do harm to Bald Eagles as well. The problem are humans not nationalities.

        They were openly hunted for many years by ranchers. They considered them vermin. You may not of seen any stuffed because you are smart enough not to associate with people who do these sort of things.

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