24 thoughts on “A TOFINO SUNSET

    1. Danke Martha!
      Ich beobachte immer den Satelliten, um zu sehen, welche Art von Wolken auf mich zukommen.
      Ich wusste, dass der Sonnenuntergang großartig sein würde, da diese Art von Wolken (Cirrus) hoch am Himmel sind und das bedeutet, dass sie nach Sonnenuntergang rosa leuchten.

    1. I had been watching that cloud stream since the morning. I knew by the time it got to Tofino that it would look totally different. The wind was very uniform to produce such even streaking.

  1. That pink-streaked sky is amazing. Not only the sky, but a solitary tree and a solitary eagle, both in silhouette … you outdone yourself Wayne. The first picture you barely see the eagle – I went back and looked at the shot after seeing the eagle in the middle picture. I like today’s header as well … it goes with the old song entitled “By the Light of the Silvery Moon”.

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