1. each feather has a specific function to direct air. The last 10 feathers on the wings are primary feathers,and the last 6 are shaped specifically to provide lift and direct air.They are narrow near the ends.
        Had a wonderful time camping!

      1. The Daredevil’s 7-foot wing span and the wide tail can make some fancier moves up in the sky. The kite just has a beribboned tail and that tail won’t help much for navigating unfortunately.

      2. I like flying kites too – it’s been years though. I never see any kids flying kites. One of the bloggers I follow lives in Chicago and he has some type of super kite that he has to control with two strings – he posted a video of it. It was amazing to watch. OK, I will look for it – thanks. Taking a few minutes here while I wait for Robb to get back to the office with revisions from a meeting that’s lasted most of the day.

    1. good question…..to be honest I do not know.If I were to guess I’d say they join the same because other birds fold their wings in the exact same manner.So I don’t see why they would be different.
      The size does make everything about them very different,so yes you may be right about that.

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