23 thoughts on “MAGGIE’S SNOWY FLIGHT

  1. The mountains look very snowy in these two shots. All of the eagles’ massive wingspans always amazes me. I know you said it is 7-feet and when eagles are perching, you’d never guess they have such a large wingspan … then you see them in flight, like this last picture of Maggie … wow!

      1. That’s something and certainly understandable, given the amount of feathers and size of the feathers that you can see in the closeups of them flying – like Romeo’s feathers – you could count them how he had them displayed in flight.

      2. I went back and looked at the picture and couldn’t see them – it is late for moulting though. The outside weather may be a factor for late moulting perhaps – you have had a lot of cold weather.

      3. Canaries molt in June-July … no singing at all while molting as they are so stressed out. They lose feathers from top to bottom, even their tail. Feather everywhere – you walk over to the cage and talk to them and the feathers (“light as a feather” expression) blow all over the place as you’re talking to them. And especially they’d fall into their water dish.

      4. I just can’t go through that grief again Wayne. And I worried about Buddy constantly with the weather and the weather is worse now – so erratic. Every time a tornado watch would be up I’d worry where I could put him that was safe. I couldn’t take him in the basement as I had it sprayed for spiders and centipedes for years and the residue was still strong – a bug goes along the wall and will die and I’ve not had the pest control in since 2010. I had a closet where I put him when we had severe, as in tornadic, weather. But no air – worried he’d suffocate. When we lost power I’d worry he was too hot or cold – canaries cannot tolerate heat. A better bet would be a parakeet – they are sturdier, but I just don’t want to encourage the heartache to be honest.

      5. That is true – I’ll enjoy the wild munchkins around me instead … the blue jays were mad this morning that I didn’t put their peanuts out soon enough. (Actually they are the squirrels peanuts but the jays and cardinals swoop down and take them when the squirrels don’t show up first – I know this as there are no shells on the porch.) There were bird tracks in the fresh snow. They probably thought I was there and left peanuts and it snowed. (It snowed yesterday/overnight) … however I opened the door to put out peanuts and the blue jay screeched at me as if to say “get it in gear lady – I’m hungry!” They are aggressive – they pecked a man’s bald head when he walked down the street under a tree where they had a nest. They pecked him so bad he fell to the ground and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital as he was bleeding profusely – little buggers. I don’t mind giving them nuts, but most jays have a bad attitude and they are aggressive toward the other birds.

      6. they do what they do because they are hardwired to act like that. They are not thinking of being mean,they simply act instinctively!
        If we were born a Jay we would be doing the same thing.Nature is very democratic.

      7. I’ve said before that they defend their young fiercely … I see it with the geese at the Park. You must sidestep them as they are do not trust you to get near the goslings. That’s okay with me.

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