16 thoughts on “MAGGIE GIRL

    1. the mudflats are like a temporary supermarket. Tide comes in…food comes in,tide goes out….food stays. Everybody comes down to see whats on the menu.I must of seen hundreds of Gulls all across the flats. I kept hearing geese but could find them?

  1. Love the center picture because even though the mountains should dwarf her, instead I get a real sense of just how big a bird she is.

    1. she is the largest eagle out there and as a result the most powerful as well.
      I found out she doesn’t like me talking to her while she’s on the mudflats. She walks away from me and when I sang to her she ran.

  2. Maggie on the flats – no jig today but she is posing nicely in front of such a beautiful background. She is showing off her wingspan and that she has all her feathers.

      1. That is unusual behavior for Maggie from what you’ve always mentioned in your posts – she always is friendly and comes to see you. Maybe she was having an off day?

      2. Yes, she is out of her element walking on the mud flats – it probably decreases her comfort level as she’d prefer a high perch. Maybe thinking of ground predators that she sees while up in a tree?

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