The next full moon is on Tuesday.Both Monday and Tuesday look poor for weather. So I knew tonight would be my only shot at getting a eagle/moon shot. I looked around at the usual spots but couldn’t find a single eagle perched perfectly for me. Thankfully I found Maggie perched on top of a tree! I’ve never seen her perch on this spot before.Normally she’s down lower. She saved my butt!

Februarys moon is called a “Snow” moon.


18 thoughts on “MAGGIE’S MOON

    1. she really saved my butt! I visited with her for about 45 minutes and than left to visit with Romeo. He was MIA? I looked at the two spots I like to photograph eagles with the moon (Lovekin point and Strawberry island) but nobody was perched on top!
      So I went back to visit with Maggie again and she promptly flew up to the very top! I like to think she knew what I wanted her to do!

      1. I think you are right – everyone else decided it was too cold to stand and pose by the moon, so you’ll have to wait until March. Maggie was very cooperative yesterday, right down to her little dance.

      2. yes,I cannot sy for sure but suspect she is older? I’ve gotten close enough to see her eyes clearing.Instead of being plain yellow in colour it looks like many tiny black lines running through the iris. Kind of looks like what paint does in the heat.It shrinks forming all these cracks in between.
        I sent the shot to the Vancouver Aquarium and the fellow there couldn’t so for sure but he suspected her eyes were like that because she was older?

      3. That’s interesting that her eyes would get like that over time – I guess eagles are no different than a human’s eyes are as we get older. But Maggie’s eyesight is good – she sees you and flies over to see you or poses for you.

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