8 thoughts on “MOE’S MOON

    1. I saw he was eating a fish once (10 years ago) and he dropped it.It fell just inside some bushes.He went down to retrieve his dinner. I went closer to get some close up shots. He didn’t notice I was closer till he turned around. He freaked out and has been pissed at me ever since. Before eagles take off they always lift their tail feathers and blow the ballast. He flew out once and tried to crap on me.Good thing his aim is like his attitude…..bad!
      Eagles have personalities just like people.

      1. Awww! Poor chap. You frightened him. Interesting that they have such good memories. Mind you I know that crows recognise people and remember them.

      2. yes,I didn’t mean to scare him but he has always been skittish towards me anyways.The difference is that he is always up high looking down and not usually right there on the same level.

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