I count nine in this ballet of swans. I noticed that one is always on guard watching while the others sleep.



      1. totally different……once I get within a kilometer any romantic notions they had would be put aside and they would begin to swim away or take to flight. Wild swans demand privacy! Thats why they like these quiet fiord like inlets.

  1. Fantastic photos of the swans, Wayne. You embraced their grace in a marvelous way. I especially like that first one, for the trees mimicking the swans’ shapes; and also the last one for their proximity and detail.

    1. thank you Anne but to be honest I was 50/50 on wether or not to post.I haven’t been able to get out much this WInter. These shots are ok but not my best. I like when I catch them flying in front of the snow covered mountains.
      I also wish I could get closer to them.They are very skittish! They are moving back into the water when I’m still 1000 meters away!

    1. Yes,they are such a beautiful creature! I just wish they’d let me get closer!
      The ones I see are in their wintering grounds.So they will fly your way in the Spring. I have a small ballet of swans (4) that winter over every year in one small isolated bay.They like nice quiet spots.This group is K-19/18. I sent the info in and found they were both tagged and banded up in the Yukon. They put a plastic neck band on them as well as a metal ankle ID.The neck band will eventually fall off but the metal ankle band stays.

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