This tree stands near Rankin cove. I believe its a Sitka and is dead. It stands out amongst the other trees.I’ve never seen a eagle perched on top and always wondered why? Eagles like high trees like this but for some reason I’ve never seen one there. As I went past today I did finally see one perched on top. This tree would be hundreds of years old but has zero growth anywhere so it must be dead. Trees will remain standing long after they die.Sooner or later a large wind storm will come along and bring it down where it will become a nurse log. All the nutrients will be absorbed back into the forest. So a tree can last hundreds of years after it has died.


25 thoughts on “BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE

  1. It’s one of my favorite aspects of nature: all the times you’ve passed that dead tree with no eagles perched in it, and then one day there’s an eagle. Fortunately you were prepared, and captured it. It does seem like the best seat in the house to observe this pristine wilderness. Fantastic photo, Wayne, as always.

    1. birds are a funny lot. That tree has always stood! I’ve always thought if I was a eagle thats the spot I’d be at but not a single one has ever perched there.I’ve been watching that tree for over 20 years and this is the first time I’ve seen a eagle on it……go figure eh!

    1. Whenever I see a background like that I always look around for any eagle perched high.If its perched within a tree and I cannot see the background clearly I will pass.Only when they are exposed at the tops of trees.

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