42 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

      1. He is listening intently to you, taking it in. My mom used to say with Sugar, and I noticed with Buddy, that sometimes he would be just sitting staring at her/me. I believe it was because we spent so much time together, in close proximity, just the two of us.

      2. yep,you are correct. Animals do listen and observe.If you hang around a animal long enough you both learn more about each other. It will decide if it will allow you inside its flight zone?

      3. My mom was in the kitchen all day with Sugar. She would go down the hall and if he was singing when she left the kitchen he stopped. I was in the living room and watched him several times through the louvered shutters. Sugar would look for her, hop around like he was agitated. My mom used a can the last few years – it creaked when she walked. He’d hear the cane and knew she was near. He’d burst into song. Such joy from a little creature – it was touching to watch. Buddy did that with me too – if I left the room, it was like he panicked being alone. I never left Buddy alone all the time I had him – I woke him up after I got home from walking or other errands. He was a little spoiled.

      4. I know I should, but this cold weather reminds me how I agonized in Winter if we lost power or had a furnace malfunction and how I could take care of them. I had many emergency measures but it’s not like a furry pal like a dog or cat that could be taken somewhere else or even huddle with them … I worried for a power outage in Summer too.
        canaries are not tolerant of heat like parakeets are … they are more delicate creatures… sometimes I see little Grady and he reminds me of a puppy … he is so cute the way he hops and jumps, he doesn’t run like the bigger squirrels. He had better watch himself that I don’t pick him up and bring him inside with me.

      5. Parker would hate that as he’s a outside guy and a Parrot would be able to last through the cold I bet.Other people have them with no problems I bet. Get two so they can keep each other company.

      6. Ann Marie’s Amazon Grey Parrot escaped its tether shortly after she got it – it was April and she had the doorwall open … I think that is what it was … he got out and spent the night in a tree in very cold temps and he was okay. I believe he was only 6 months old. She and her husband were sure they lost little Digger. They took him on vacation and he went camping with them – they used to go up to Northern Michigan alot in the Summer when she was off work (she was an elementary teacher til she retired about 4 years ago).

      7. Good night Wayne – going to do my “cold-weather water chores” now. We have had those little polar frost quakes all day – kind of interesting, when you have the little booms … sounds like something falling over the house. We had them in the last Polar Vortex back in 2014 as well.

      8. I finally climbed into bed at 2:40 a.m. – I’m too old to do that … back in college, I’d get home that time on weekends after being out with friends (our newspaper staff hung out together for years) and I’d have to be at work/on the floor ready to go at the diner by 6:45 a.m.. How did I do that? (You’re smiling – you likely did that too.) So far, so good with the heat and pipes. We have a water main break six blocks away but my water is running clear … we had a water main break around the corner a year or so ago and it caused water pressure issues and brown water, so this one is not affecting me thankfully. Apparently there were “push alerts” like an amber alert system here in Michigan to people’s cellphones overnight about lowering the furnace to 65 to conserve national gas. This is until Friday mid-day … I’ll go lower after the windchill lessens a little. The sun is out, the temp is ten below, but the wind chill is minus 30. Saturday is Groundhog Day … at the Howell Nature Center, they have a woodchuck named “Woody” … she is more accurate than Pugsatawney Phil. I mention “Woody” because the Nature Center put her inside the Nature Center building and away from her burrow – not only that, they said they took in all the birds of prey from their outside enclosures to protect them from exposure … makes me wonder if they took Luc inside. I asked the nature guide when I took the tour last Summer if they took in Luc in the bad Winter weather … they said “no”. Hope he is okay … I’ll worry about him like I do my squirrels.

      9. I forgot about poor old Luke! He must be frozen! If he dies because of this cold heads should roll! At the very least they should be stopped to replace him with another poor soul!

        I wondered why you were staying up so late? Will go check out your posting.

      10. I agree – they told me he never goes inside. It is just a small building and they have some snakes in there and a lot of displays (taxidermy is big with them) but I never saw a cage large enough to put an eagle in, unless they have a back room. Because it is so cold I have been running a very small load of wash, just a couple of old pillowcases in hot water every 4-5 hours. I don’t like to go to bed until it runs the cycle – one time the hot water tank sprung a leak (on a Saturday night of course) while doing a load of clothes. I wanted to wait as late as possible as the lowest temps of the night were going to be around 1:00 a.m. I have all the taps still at a trickle and every few hours I run the water full strength to go thru the pipes. It is finally above zero but the wind chill is -15. They have extended the cold advisory through tonight – it was to expire at 11:00 a.m. This is what I did for the Polar Vortexes in 2013 and 2014 – I was okay with no frozen pipes and no issues. However, I lost alot of bushes and perennials in the backyard … my entire butterfly garden was gone and they were not delicate flowers – all hardy for this zone. I thought I lost the roses too, but they rallied back. Grady (hopefully … and maybe a friend) were by to eat peanuts and cracked open the frozen “peanutsicle” … I left him extra peanuts on both ends of the ledge. Going to peek out later and see if he came back. The Fox squirrel can’t go there – it is too narrow. The peanuts attracted a blue jay who swooped by and I took some flat bread roll-ups and broke them up for the birds and scattered in on bushes and on the lawn out front and the side. I was kind to the critters and I know they will appreciate it – wish I could do more, but can’t have birdfeeders anymore due to the rat issue. I fed the birds and squirrels for years until the neighbor’s pit bull was left out 24/7/365 and they fed him table scraps … we had rats in a matter of months.

      11. I will go check on him as soon as the weather gets better – how’s that? In the meantime, I’m going to send them a message on Twitter and say I heard about Howell Nature Center sheltering their rescue birds of prey and was thinking about Luc, however I think the Metroparks are also closed today due to the cold … they were closed yesterday as well. I will see what I can do. They used to have a Facebook page for each of the 11 parks, but they consolidated them into one page earlier this year. I don’t like how they have the stuffed critters and their skeletons – a little creepy. The day I was on the Eagle cruise and they pulled the Tern on a shisk kabob stick out of the plastic tube …I waved my hands that I didn’t want to touch any of the “show-and-tell” items.

      12. Just sent a Tweet to the Metropark System to ask about Luc. Don’t know if they check today since the Park is closed – likely only the police patrol there … I’ll let you know what I hear Wayne.

      13. You’re welcome Wayne. I just checked – as I suspected, nothing back from MetroPark … hopefully they answer tomorrow. He should not be left outside even tonight. It is still cold here … -3 tonight and -13 windchill. While on the Accuweather sight was looking at this poor moose trying to cross the highway – thankfully he made it … I held my breath for that split-second:

      14. that Cow put her ass brakes on right at the right moment! I bet the people in that car had to change their underwear! Its calf looked spooked.I hope it got across safely as well. Thousands must die each day from cars!

      15. Yes really – just incredible! That moose was large and would have decimated the car. We have car-deer accidents that reduce the car to rubble. My boss’ friend and his wife returning from Up North were hit by a deer rushing through the window … totalled the car and they were left shaken but not injured. Yes, I hope the calf didn’t run the other way and lose its mom … strange the cars didn’t skid on that black ice … guess the shiny hooves hit the ice – whew!

      1. I was taking a picture of a perched Turkey Vulture once, and I kept getting closer and closer to it but it didn’t move. I was the one that felt a bit intimidated and backed off….. I didn’t like the look in its eyes.

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