12 thoughts on “ROMEO PERCHING

      1. I’ll tell you my secret. All you need to do is have no life to speak of so than you can spend all sorts of time with the animals!
        For instance…..If you met a dog you’ve never known before,by spending time with it and observing you would be able to pick up on subtle behavioural traits!
        Its simply a matter of time.Plus it doesn’t hurt to talk or sing to them. I think that they must feel I’m not right in the head and feel sorry for me

      2. I bet many would give any thing to live a life like you, and to have the connection with nature that you do. To have a bond with these creatures is pretty awesome. After all when God created us He placed us in a garden to live. A place filled with tranquility and fresh air. They must know that you are a gentle soul and that’s why they come near, because those pictures are pretty awesome. You are gifted….blessings.

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