Its been 22 days since I last went out on one of my evening shoots. The weather has been poor over January,but thats to be expected this time of year. January has more raincoats than sunglasses.

So it was great to get out and visit with my fine feathered friends! I visited “The Daredevil”,Maggie and Romeo. I saw Juliette looking on from a distance but she’s always been a tad distant. They each seemed to be their chirppy happy selves!


26 thoughts on “MAGGIE GIRL

      1. Thank you Maggie! My blog is actually quite old, I started it back in 2013. At that point in time I just wanted to show some pictures that I took while I was travelling. I began writing articles maybe one or two years ago.

    1. I am very very fortunate to be able to have a relationship with my animal friends! Not even my close friends truly know what goes on out there with me and my furry/feathered friends!
      A secret world

  1. This visit and the photos were well worth the wait – but 22 days … that’s a long time. Is that a record for not shooting or is it like that every January? Maggie is magnificent on the flats, in the air with that 7-foot wingspan and the beautiful background can only serve to enhance her … you have it all in these shots!

      1. still one more day to go in the month.We might get snow Monday/Tuesday? It’ll be the first time for snow this Winter. I may be out camping during this period. Looking forward to it!

      2. I am grumbling about snow and you are looking forward to it – that’s right, you are intending to go Monday. It will make for nice photos. I liked the ones you showed in B&W and gray tones with the mountains in the background with snow on them. Very peaceful looking.

    1. they are very territorial,so when I come into their territory I know who it is. The trick is knowing where there territory is and how to tell the male from the female that is tricky. Plus I also know which ones always come greet me in a given territory.

    1. thank you Robbie~ Whenever she would land on the mudflats I’d trying to maneuver my boat so as be able to line them both up.Problem was that it was shallow so I had to have the motor tilted up which gives me much less manoeuvring abilities.So by the time I got to the spot she would of already of taken off. Thats when I would curse,but for the most part she allowed me the time.

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