1. I saw something very interesting during my shoot that I didn’t mention. I’ve seen several of my eagle friends fly to me from a distance. Sometimes other birds are near me.They all take off when they see that big eagle flying towards them.They don’t know its coming over to me but they think its coming over for a snack!
        Having said that,last night I saw a Heron over by Romeo’s nest island (Beck island). I’m pretty sure this Heron hangs around there all the time.
        I saw Romeo flying low away from me towards his nest island. It almost looked like he was heading right towards that Heron! That Heron stayed put because it knew Romeo wasn’t coming over for him. Its seen Romeo flying back to the island many times,so already knew he wouldn’t hurt him.

      2. Interesting. People wrongly sling around the words “bird brain” … look at the heron, look at your crows. As skittish as the heron is, he knew he was safe to stay there and he didn’t have to be mindful of the pecking order.

      3. he was familiar with Romeo’s habits.Thats one of the ways I am allowed near them. I observe at a distance for many months than try to figure out the best spots/angle to shoot from.

      4. And the heron knew you had not been there for a long time and Romeo was sure to fly down for a visit – they all were visiting with you. You had been away and not visited them.

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