17 thoughts on “ERNIE CHOWING DOWN

    1. thank you Kamal!
      I noticed that the moon was up & saw a eagle perched high on Strawberry island ( their nesting island). Unfortunately clouds moved in & snuffed the light plus the angle to line up the moon & the eagle was all wrong.Thats when I noticed a second eagle on the rocks chowing down. I could see it was a male & so knew it was “Ernie”.

    1. ahhh,many ask me the same question.The females are larger,so their head & beak is larger. This eagle has a smaller head ergo it must be the male,Ernie.Eagles are very territorial so the only two eagles inside this territory would be Ernie & Ethel. If any other eagle tried to perch or land on their territory it’s asking for a butt kicking!

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