Ernie & Ethel have the best seat in the harbour! Their nest tree is on Strawberry island, specifically the NE corner. Their favourite place to perch is on this tree. Eagles always want the highest spot so they can see whats going on around them.

Those mountains in background are in Strathcona Park over 22 miles away.I used my large focal length lens to shoot these. Longer focal lengths bring the background seemingly closer.(compression)

Notice that mist layer in the first shot. That mist forms because of warmer moist air coming off of the ocean. The warmer air rises, chills & condenses due to the small glacier laying underneath. The soft pinkish colour is perfect but lasts only a few minutes.

30 thoughts on “ERNIE & ETHEL’S LOFTY PERCH

    1. Thank you Lynette!
      one of my favourite spots to shoot.Plus its on land so much more stable than the boat.I set up the tripod,focus & wait.As soon as I see one of them flying up,I shoot! Of course waiting for the pink colour & getting them in flight during that brief time is very hard!

      1. I do not know a lot about lens (I just pick up my Canon 600D and shoot) what counts as a large focal length? I am sorry if this is a really dull question. Feel free just to point me in the direction of a webpage explaining this.

      2. no need to apologize Emma,thats actually a good question.
        The answer is not clear. If you have a good eye this “compression” begins around 200 mm,but I would say its apparent at 400 mm. At 500 or 600 mm the affects are very noticeable.

      3. Remember that you can only see this compression affect if there is a great distance between your subject & the background. If that 200 is a zoom you can shoot your subject at ….say 30 mm and than shoot it at 200 mm.You should notice a difference Emma.Your probably shooting with a crop camera as well. I think Nikon has a 1.5 factor,which means a 200 mm is actually shooting at 300 mm focal length.

    1. Light not discriminate.It is the same in Tofino as it is in Bavaria or any other location on this earth.
      If you hold up a globe of the earth & have someone shine a light at it from a distance.The spot I always try to be at is right where the shadow meets the light. This is where the light is the absolute best BUT… is very fleeting! So you have to already have the best seat in the house!
      thank you for dropping in Martha!

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