53 thoughts on “SUNSET FLIGHT

    1. What you don’t see is that its a new Beaver! Their original Beaver was damaged by a large windstorm (Dec 20th). Tofino Air lost the use of that plane.The left wing tip & left pontoon was damaged.They flew it out for repairs & appears to of brought back this newer one.

  1. He’s flying low – taking off or landing? The floats almost make it look like he is hauling cargo. Looks like you finally had a break in the rain to get out with your camera.

      1. I thought the plane was on an incline and heading skyward – was not sure Your sunset was not as vibrant as usual, so I wondered if a storm was on the horizon. At least you got an outing and a few photos taken.

      2. At the rate you are having rain, you were lucky to just get out. Last Saturday I went out for a walk really late (for me … mid-afternoon) and it was so sunny, I decided to wait and get a picture of the sun. It looked like a fiery ball, but I had to get the shot between the trees and the sky was not the same color streaks as you have in your pictures … it was a little surreal looking instead … I have a long way to go and need a clear vista, not in the neighborhood.

      3. this is where you are becoming intimate with your surrounding geography Linda.Knowing where to go & when is critical! After all, you not only have to buy a ticket to the dance but you also need to know how to dance!

      4. Well, I am not usually out later in the day as I prefer to walk in the morning when it is peaceful at all the Parks. Not a lot of people, and more critters are out. I went to Council Point Park late Saturday – no squirrels at all. I went on Sunday after I returned from four hours of walking around and taking pictures … got two that time, but it is a whole different Park experience. I decided to stay out and try the sunset just for kicks, and inspired by your sunsets. I kind of knew the trees would be in the way, but I tried anyway. The sun looked like it was on fire though – many of the pictures had little red dots around the sun, but I saw that happening when I was taking the shots, but I got a couple with no spots in the picture.

      5. I cannot shoot sunrises in Tofino.We have land mass to the east but nothing to obstruct to the west,hence me shooting sunsets. You need to find a large body of water.Go to the Westside in the morning & than go to the Eastside for sunset.

      6. Down to the river for sunrises would be nice – an unobstructed horizon. You have the white building that is the fish hatchery … I remember asking you what the white was in the background of a picture one time.

      7. It was one of your posts Wayne awhile back – it was a big white building – I asked you if that was Tofino as it was the first time there were buildings in the background. Perhaps when there were several boats, a seaplane … “Traffic Jam” … I look at the pics on Twitter and see if I see it.

      8. It’s not the picture I was thinking of, but I just was scrolling through the Twitter header photos from past posts. I still thought the harbor area shot may have been when the whale was there – all you saw was the top of its body, not the photos in the open water with the whales you saw breaching. (See, I do pay attention!)

      9. Well I wish I could remember … as you say, you don’t usually have buildings in the background, but there was also construction equipment – I see you just sent me a link – I’ll look.

      10. Bingo! Yes it was a large piece of construction equipment (yellow) and very well could’ve been a crane. Didn’t know they were floating, so they are built right into the water then?

      11. the pen structure is like huge legos. They put them together on site.The site is determined by their application to the Government.The site is technically called a “tenure”.
        That barge towed by a tow boat has a crane on it.The nets holding the fish in the water get fouled over time.Which basically means that every critter in the ocean begins to attach its self to the net.So the nets need to be changed.A net on its own fresh from the factory weighs in at several tons but when its fouled it weighs many more tons!
        So the crane lifts the net out.They bring it in & put it into a huge washing machine.

      12. That’s amazing – it must be something to watch this entire operation of the net removal and replacement taking place. All the ocean critters are scraped off/out and I take it these little sea critters are dead already and not just hanging on for dear life?

      13. the birds eat lots of them. Many types of little critters. We had to always do a water sample in the morning before feeding the fish.There are tiny critters that can kill salmon.So we sample the water column to see who’s around? You’d be surprised how much life is in one drop!

      14. That’s amazing, all the microscopic organisms thriving out there … the DNR does water samples at the Creek at Council Point Park … the water there is not clear, always a little murky … there’s no telling what they find in there!

      15. Dirty water near humans,clean water found away from humans.Thats basically the rule of thumb.We do not live with Nature,we rearrange it to suit our needs & there in lies the basic underlying problem.

      16. Right you are Wayne – I look at the water at the Park – people toss their trash in there all the time, styrofoam coolers, water bottles, cups, wrappers … there are garbage bins all around.

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