11 thoughts on “ROMEO

  1. Hello, Wayne! I like your 2019 look. Shall I say long overdue? Indeed! I barely scanned through your gallery because time is against me right now. I will fatten my eyes later. Great effort, my friend. I did notice that the site took longer than usual to load. But that might be my machine. Good look, Wayne. My support is in order.

      1. Maggie can’t put earplugs in unfortunately.
        The big fireworks are a real problem here – our former governor allowed the use of the big fireworks about five years ago – you used to have to drive to Ohio to buy them, now you can get them at any grocery store. He wanted more revenue for Michigan. Well, that governor is gone now and there is talk of repealing this fireworks law – not only the dogs (many who have run away during the endless fireworks) are a consequence, but the ex-military personnel with PTSD are victims of the fireworks … they are among those petitioning to get rid of them.

      2. I never thought of that Linda! Your right,anyone with PTSD might have big problems with such loud noises.
        Doing something like that for money is a poor reason.Its not like people are using them everyday.So how much does it bring in? With regard to percentage of the annual budget.

      3. I Googled and was going to send you the story and “The Free Press” said I had reached my limit for reading free stories! But it is about 28 million a year, but, people are not happy as there is a noise time limit, but people ignore it. They start in my neighborhood at Memorial Day in May and long after 4th of July. It is every night – they are expensive too. Some people use what is called a “Thunder Shirt” on their dogs – it binds around their torso and has a calming effect. My friend who lives in Kingsville and has all the Goldens and Shepherds, had one Golden Retriever who was scared to death of thunderstorms. She had to give him a mild sedative every time it stormed. I told her about the Thunder Shirt – she said it helped a bit. The dogs have run away when in the backyard, hopped the fence, or run out the door from the noise … the veteran’s groups are really trying to abolish them. Our Governor was a piece of work – he is the same one you might have read about for the Flint water crisis. He switched that city to using dirty water and their water came out dark brown. People are now able to use water from their tap, but they had to use bottled water for drinking, cooking and even bathing … alot of movie and TV personalities were sending bottled water in by the truckload. There are criminal charges pending for this governor and his cronies for the Flint Water Crisis.

      4. Oh that’s right – I heard about him doing that – it was quite controversial wasn’t it. No, our Governor never drank it, but when he cut off the bottled water, he stood there and drank a glass of water and declared it “fit to drink” … people believed it was not from their taps. The water was dark and funky looking – no one would drink that water. And people would not give it to their pets either as you would expect.

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