20 thoughts on “MR.OYSTERCATCHER

    1. They normally are found on the “outside” but because of big wind storms during the winter,they come into the harbour.Normally you find them in small groups. The best way to get shots of them is to go up tide,shut the motor off & drift past them without making a sound or moving. I found this guy all by himself.
      That beak has special serrated edges so they can cut the oyster hinge.The muscles on the hinge keep the oyster shut tight.

    1. ya,the vibrant colour makes them a favourite to shoot.I can only get shots of them during the winter.They come into the harbour during the winter due to the storms.Everybody comes in during the winter.

      1. I’m a wanna-be birder. I’ve enjoyed identifying birds for decades. Once I knew where the oystercatchers hung out at the beach, it was easy to find them. I keep a monocular on my desk, but it’s hard to hold it steady.

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