20161117-20161117-BEACH PANO #1

20180923-20180923-Chestermans Beach Panoramic

20180921-20180921-Chesterman Panoramic_

Frank island is a small island on Chestermans beach.Chestermans beach is Tofino’s premier beach! Many think Long beach is but I prefer Chesty.

Chesty is in the shape of a “L” & about a mile long.Frank island is located right at the bottom corner of that “L”.You can only get to it at low tide & yes, many a tourist have gotten a soaker getting caught out there!

I come prepared.If I know the tide will be coming in I take my hip waders with me.I’ve seen many people follow me out only to run away when the first wave makes them do the Chesty hop!

Frank island unfortunately was allowed to be divided into two properties. Hanns & Tony own the two lots. Neither of them live there on a permanent basis. Tourists are constantly walking around the island even though there are signs saying private island.It drives Tony crazy chasing the tourists away!

They both allow me to walk around.I generally send them shots to pay for my visits.

Frank & Frieda are the resident eagles.I do not know them very well.They tolerate my presence. I walked around the island once & found a unusual feature near their nest tree.On the ground I found something odd.It looked like somebody had taken a rake & raked the earth hard enough to create deep furrows.I speculate that this was done by both Frank & Frieda to keep their talons sharp.The way you put a pencil into a pencil sharpener would be the same thing for them with the earth & their talons! Never seen that before.

During the winter we get lots of rain here in Tofino.I like going out to Chestermans beach after a good 7 day soaker.I need to line my ducks up for this kind of shoot. The low tide needs to be happening near sunset.If its high tide I won’t have any beach.I need as much of the beach surface to act like a mirror. All that rain bleeds off the earth onto the beach.This makes a great reflective surface.Than I need GREAT clouds! Clouds really add icing to the cake! They can make or break a great shot!

So to sum up,low tide,great clouds,lots of rain followed by a break & all of these need to happen at or around sunset! Those are perfect ingredients for a perfect sunset beach shot!



  1. Wow, Wayne, those are just the most beautiful photographs! Nice of you to share the story behind them too. The landscape looks so peaceful, something we could all use a dose of these days.

      1. Being in the right place at the right time. And I’ve found with photography that you’ve got to take the shot right when you see it, because the beauty you see at that moment may never appear quite the same again. Thanks, Wayne.

      1. That’s why I think you’re tuned in…. or very observant might be a better word. Most people might have gone out at any time hoping for the best, but because of your observational skills you knew exactly when to go.

  2. More than 20 years ago I was one of those tourists who walked out to Frank Island not realizing the tide was coming in. We were marooned for a few hours until it was shallow enough to wade back. Nearly missed Christmas dinner at the resort! Gorgeous photos that sparked a good (in the end) memory.

  3. These are beautiful shots Wayne … they will be the last images my eyes will see before I turn out the lights in a few minutes and those beautiful images will stay in my head. You have made lemonade from lemons … a lot of rain has fallen, but not been daunting to you as you captured the sunset in the best way you know how.

      1. They were beautiful shots Wayne. I wanted to ask last night if the heron header was new – I didn’t remember seeing the heron against the dark background before.

      2. You’re welcome – I wanted to mention it last night but I didn’t want to be wrong. I do want to clarify the “lemons/lemonade” reference … what I meant was that you were able to get these wonderful pictures after such ugly rainy and blustery weather … it is like enjoying a rainbow after a Summer storm.

      3. No,I’m not really into watching that sort of thing.I have in the past & have seen many a shooting star.Too much light pollution where you are to get a good viewing spot I suspect.

      4. Yes, there is way too much light pollution here and you’d have to go far to get a clear view. I thought maybe you had nothing to obstruct your view, but given the weather forecast you tweeted, might be better to hunker down inside.

      5. You always say there is no bad weather if you have the right clothing for it, and I recall you said you like to walk in the rain as it clears the mind. I have to change my mindset for 2019 about the rain and embracing it more … maybe that will be a good New Year’s resolution. I’ll still rebel at torrential rain though … too many years of taking the bus, and getting drenched despite umbrellas and long raincoats and even rainboots!

      6. “No such thing as bad weather…..only bad clothing”.Thats the quote you can take to the bank!
        I enjoy the rain to be honest.Most people have problems with it,some are really bent out of shape.Its not good canoeing weather to be sure but very refreshing none the less!

      7. I started to say “only bad clothing” as I had that engrained in my head. Yes, that will be my NY’s resolution – the car is a whole other story if it gets caught in the rain. I’ve seen me go through a chamois and a roll of paper towel to get it dry enough to put in the garage and then hook it up to the trickle charger. So I may confine the rain to walking and not driving. Snow is also the same – last year I had to pull in the front half of the car with one inch of space on each side then clean off the back to attach the extension cords and the charger. I need to live in a more arid climate.

      8. Probably – next car, but right now, my car is 9 years old and only has about 5,600 miles on it … it’s just a baby (as cars go)! We have an ugly rainy and foggy morning today … fog will make me stay inside, especially in the morning. I need to establish parameters for my 2019 New Year’s resolution re: rain!!

      9. Maybe that is the route to go Wayne. I didn’t head out in the rain this morning so I blew it, in fact I didn’t leave the house today. My resolution for 2017 I did well … I said I would go through the entire house and know what was in every drawer, closet, etc. and I did … for 2018 I said I was going to learn some new things – didn’t do any of those 2018 resolutions, but then the blogging picked up where it was not so busy before this year.

      10. It is the act of saying you will do something I guess … putting it out there which is supposed to work. You have some time to dwell on it before you “enact it”. If I would have walked in the rain I would have had more miles under my belt, and been richer for the experience of walking in the rain … do you use an umbrella to walk? As to your question, heck ya … I found some treasures that were treasures back in the day and had been stuffed here and there and in a Rubbermaid container. I forgot I had won a photo contest from the travel company from my Scandinavian trip … it was a picture of a cow in the pasture. I won some money and they used the photo for their brochure! For the blog post about my finds, I took a photo of the framed photo, and I probably have the actual photo in the many images I scanned in last Thanksgiving. And I took a photo of the newspaper where they published my picture of the coneflower – other readers posted similar pictures that day. Here is my post – it is kind of long. Brevity is not my strong point!

      11. Hmmm – I would stick out like a sore thumb too. No hat either? Thank you … I just posted my duck story – I feel badly for the shadows, so what I did was make a slideshow so it is not so noticeable. You can bet that this budding photographer will be more careful the next time she takes pictures in the afternoon. I rarely go walking and taking pictures in the afternoon.

      12. I like that thinking Wayne! That was a boo boo and I never noticed it, but I was caught up in the moment watching all those wiggling ducks getting fed. That cat is cute – who knew a cat would enjoy riding down a hill. It needs a toque! They both need a toque! Did you go tobogganing when you were a kid? I did with the kids in the neighborhood and when we moved here kids didn’t do that here and so I used to go with my father.

      13. you’ll learn to separate yourself from the energy. If your caught up in the swirl you’ll be blinded & miss photo opportunities.

        If you didn’t toboggan as a child,you were protected & not trying hard enough.

      14. Yes, the ducks were moving all over the place as well, so in retrospect, I segregated a few to take their picture, but then some of the photos were, as you said “too much energy” or I would have just said “too busy” as there were too many ducks in one place … but the love of these folks for these ducks and the ducks’ affection for the humans was amazing – I will carry that image with me in my mind. You are so right with the toboggan … as an only child I was protected all the time and my parents were very strict. But I did go out on the toboggan and fell off more times than I can count … don’t remember where we went down the hill, but there were opportunities to fall off going down at full speed.

      15. In many ways, starting the walking regimen, and as a result of that, beginning this blog and how it has evolved, was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I do not count my education, trips, jobs … any of those things because this is something that will continue to grow and keep my mind active the rest of my days. Learning how to use the DSLR is high on my priority list.

      16. That is very true Wayne – I had a really nice day today and came back home feeling satisfied … satisfied for having walked 6 miles, having visited with Parker (whom I had worried about as I’d not seen him in a week … because I had errands and had walked in the neighborhood earlier in the week) and I was gazing at Harry, trying to will him to move his butt from the log he was perched on – I could not see him between the bushes and there was no access point where I could watch him. He was gazing in the water and plunged his beak/bill into the water and came up with a big fish. I saw him with my eyes, not through the lens. I watched him clasp onto that fish then it went “down the hatch” … I could see the movement in his neck. What I didn’t know, because I was so intent on watching him, was that three other people (and a little dog) had gathered behind me to see what I was watching – they saw it too and we were all quiet, then all talked at one time. We all watched to see if he would catch another one? I couldn’t get any closer to the shoreline as it is sloped and I was not going to end up in that filthy water – it is filthy and I have no idea of its depth. So we stood around and compared notes … the man said he/wife were walking at Point Mouilee (not far from Lake Erie Metropark) last Saturday and they saw 20 herons take off at one time. They said a hunter fired a shot at a duck and he thinks it scared the herons and they bolted. I told them I heard the shots at Lake Erie Metropark and a fisherman said they couldn’t hunt because the park was protected. I can’t imagine 20 herons at a time in the air, or in the marshy area. They said there were two today – I only saw the one heron. So that heron bolted and screeched and went down the Creek. On my next time around the entire park, the people were gone, but the heron was back at the very same place, and I had the camera trained on him, but through the bushes. I was far away and twiggy pieces no doubt in the way, but watched him catch a fish off a log … will upload my pics another time. I had a real hard time with Shutterfly this morning – the website was down, probably because people are ordering photo-related gifts, and so I had to e-mail myself some pics that I never got uploaded yet. Got home and here about an hour ago and Comcast was messed up – I said to hell with all of it and am here to catch up as I am behind with comments and Reader. The heron episode was just fabulous and made my day. Parker was rambunctious and followed me around and it was sunny and 43 degrees- so what more could one want in life?

      17. so the Jedi mind thing didn’t work on Harry eh? Herons are self absorbed anyways.They always swallow head first so the fins fold back.
        I don’t think Hunters would ever shoot a Heron.No meat & I think they are protected anyways.
        Sounds like a fruitful day.Chainsaws are buzzing today to clean up all the trees that came down.

      18. I wonder if it was just Harry’s neck feathers ruffling up and I misinterpreted it as the fish thrashing around going down its long neck (thinking Harry might have a sore throat from that fish). Funny you said no meat on the heron … one of the people remarked that he was the biggest heron of the ones they saw today with a beak/bill at least 8 inches long and he seemed heavy. So I repeated what you said one time that they just weigh 4 1/2 to 5 pounds … guy says “I think they weigh more than that.” I said “they have hollow bones, a scrawny body and a big wingspan – most of their weight is likely in their wings” … he says again “they must weigh more than that.” He wasn’t argumentative, more incredulous, but said he was going to Google to see how much they weighed. I said well maybe not this one if he has a special fishing spot – he’s filling up with fish while the Creek is not frozen over. I’ve never seen Harry there before fishing from a big fallen log. You lost that many trees? Wow – you were mentioning in your Tweets yesterday about the rise and fall of the pressure … any damage from the fallen trees, or just the loss of the trees?

      19. I’ve seen fish wriggling about as they go down the hatch.
        Ya,Herons are about 5 pounds or so.That fellow is going to be surprised.
        Yes,trees are always going over in these big wind storms.Nobody was hurt that I know of but I did hear the ambulance heading off somewhere.

      20. Ah, so maybe that WAS the fish going down the hatch then! I thought you told me the herons were only about 5 pounds as I was surprised, so yes, when he Googles around, he’ll find out for himself. I hope your weather is not so volatile today.

      21. I went back and looked at your weather report on Twitter … what a mess and you lost your power as well, albeit briefly. I had not been to Twitter yet as I was/still am quite behind here.

  4. Hi, Wayne,

    Lovely shots. Always love those pics of Chesterman Beach and environs. As I said before, if I were living in Tofino, I’d have whiplash from going around with my head up looking at and admiring your beautiful sunsets. (Not to mention breaking an arm or leg due to falling over because of not paying attention to where I’m going, heehee!)


  5. Your perfect ingredient list gives me a smile, Wayne. Oh how you know the land and photography too. Truly lovely photos. And I liked hearing about what you speculate were the furrows the eagles devised. Truly delightful here at your blog, my friend.

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