7 thoughts on “TAKE OFF EH!

      1. With a sigh of exasperation. I did a post today on the heron at the Park yesterday. There were actually two herons which was a first for me and the second one was the resident heron, the first one was a visitor – he didn’t move, but it was windy and the wind was ruffling the crest on top of his head making him look like a punk rocker. He was relaxed (neck down as you always say) and standing on the side of the Creek very calm and collected. The other heron, took off like yours did with that awful noise.

      2. You said one day I could approach the heron, but I think this one was a different heron – he only moved his head from left to right and that was it – no outstretched neck or bolting, he was content and had been in that position for quite a while. One of the other walkers who sees me taking pictures ran over to tell me to look for “the big bird”. The other heron was standing in the Creek and it was freezing cold (18 degree windchill) so perhaps he was ready to go anyway, and used me as an excuse to leave!!

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