33 thoughts on “DUNLIN HEAVEN

    1. I found out from a friend who knows Dunlins.He said yes they migrated from the north (maybe Yukon) to our area.Their southerly designation is our area. So they will most likely hang around all winter in that generally area.

  1. They have pretty plumage and I like how they all huddled together on that rock – at first glance at the top photo, the rock is shaped like a whale. Amazing how they all “flew the coop” at the same time! (At least I think they were leaving, not arriving?)

      1. They are very cute birds – love their pale plumage. Did you see your furry friends as well. I’m guessing not as you didn’t post any. Were they tucked in for the Winter?

      2. I’m happy you took care of them Wayne – I picture them with nightcaps on like “The Three Bears” story. I was hoping you’d see your furry girlfriend again and now you have to wait until Spring.

      1. I learned that back in the seventies while camping.Ever since then I always plan my camping trips with a small island.A small island is just that….too small for any ground predator to swim over & check out.

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