I was hiding in the forest when I shot these.You can see some limbs in the way. They knew something was up! They heard my mirror slap.When they have their heads turned like this it means they are watching behind them


14 thoughts on “EVER WATCHFUL!

    1. yes,I agree!
      I think I now have a solid plan on how to get closer! They come into the river system at high tide to feed.I do not know what they are eating but they certainly are eating something.They go ass over tea kettle & move the gravel around.I’ve found these spots at low tide.They are perfect circles! I’ve asked around to many people as to what animal would do this & nobody knew a thing? I now know its Trumpeters.
      So when they come into the river system they know they are vulnerable. When they hear noises they begin to proceed with caution out of the river system.They always use the same exit route.So all I have to do is make a bit of noise,go sit out front & wait for them to come to me!

      1. Unusual as I don’t think the Mute Swans are like that – remember the one that climbed out of the icy water and preened itself no more than 6-8 feet away. Standing up it was almost as tall as me. I had the Mute Swan come after me instead of flying away – I am no swan whisperer.

      2. Yes, that makes sense – I wasn’t thinking of that. Of course, in Tranquil, they are free to be out there unencumbered by humans with even a camera clicking noise to scare them – imagine that … the camera is not that loud, but being so quiet, the noise likely is intensified.

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