23 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL’S CLOSE UP

      1. No, I didn’t. Even when I went back to look after you asked, I only saw what appears to be maybe a stray feather or slight residue from feeding. Certainly nothing that would distract from that wonderful, perfectly focused, head-on, close up eye-to-eye gaze!

      1. & the closer he gets to me even more so Jennie!
        The Daredevil & Delilah live in Tsapee Narrows.Its a narrow channel between Meares island & Vancouver island.
        I have to pass through on my way to look for bears up in Fortune Channel. So I do not stop on my way out,only on my way back.
        I remember once passing through on my way to photograph bears when I noticed a shadow.I quickly realized it was coming from behind me! I turned & saw the Daredevil coming straight at me with talons outstretched! Of course I was scared but soon realized it was only his way of showing me he was frustrated with me not stopping to visit.
        He’s never done that before or after.He really does a personality! He does get upset at me & will not come when I call sometimes. But in a weeks time he’ll be his usually self!

  1. Talk about up close and personal! You can count each individual feather in the second photo and in the same photo, the Daredevil’s feet look so big. Perhaps it’s just me, but those feet almost look like gnarly-looking human hands.

      1. Not with those talons! They do kind of look like gnarly, old hands though – sometimes you see in a peasant village where the women or men have worked with their hands their entire life,or they are very old and their hands reflect that hard life.

      2. You’re right – it would toughen up the soles for sure. Funny you say that because when we moved to the States, I was ten and all the kids on the block were around my age and they all ran around barefoot all Summer. Having never gone barefoot outside, I would marvel how they would walk on hot pavement or asphalt, or in the street with its little pebbles or even bits of glass sometimes and not wince. I always had shoes on so it was amazing to me. I haven’t thought of that in years.

      3. My mother saw them come calling at the door for me and said to me afterward “don’t be thinking you are going to do that too – you will wear shoes and socks like you always have!” Also, off the topic, when we moved here I played with about 4-5 kids on our block alone. They did not come to the door and knock to see if you could go out and play, they would stand at the screen door or an open window yell your name at the top of their lungs. My parents said to me “tell your friends, they will knock on the door like civilized people!”

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