23 thoughts on “MISTY EAGLE

    1. I use a shorter focal length.That gives me huge amounts of depth of field! I can do this but others can not.Why?………because they do not know the bird & so it stays away from them.By using a shorter focal length the subject matter will appear further away but because they know me they will come closer.
      As a result I’m just about guaranteed to get them in focus!
      Trying to get a fast bird like a eagle in focus when its moving with a big focal length is impossible! Use a shorter focal length…….but the problem with doing that is that they have to know you & most photographers do not invest their time into a seemingly silly relationship with a bird.
      I get to know all the animals I meet,not just eagles,bears & wolves as well.

      1. So I think I “partially understand what you’re trying to say……

        So guess what!!! I made it to the Fraser Valley, and saw lots of eagles. I spent a week there, but the funniest thing happened……As we were leaving, me, my husband and his aunt, an eagle flew from across the river bank, right up to where we were. It circled above our heads, and when I look at the pictures (that all came out horrible) I can see that it was looking right at us. Not sure why it did that. It’s almost as though it went out of it’s way to come check us out….kind of awesome though.

        So I have a lot of pictures to go through, but keep an eye out for them.

      2. I believe Eagles not only have keen vision but can also “feel” other animals.Its part of their defences. Than it knows if your friend or foe. I suggest it felt your strong emotions & so flew over to visually see.
        Congratulations on making contact! You’ll be addicted now!

      3. Thank you. It was a really awesome week, and we met many nice people along the way. Maybe the eagle could hear the excitement in my voice. My husband’s aunt was afraid, as she thought it seemed so close to us.

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