24 thoughts on “MAGGIE POSING

  1. Ahh – glad you caught up with Maggie since you missed her the last time you were out. How regal-looking Maggie is as she posed for you. She made up for being MIA the last time!

    1. the problem I have with Maggie is not with Maggie but her location.The sun is low in the south & so the island (Neilson) to the SW of her blocks the sun.I have to travel a bit further north of her to get out of that islands shadow.I saw her breathing heavy enough last night that she had to go back to Morpheus to rest.She flies out anyways when I call her with a smile on her face!

      1. Moe is jealous – he thinks you are there to sweep Maggie off her feet … the fact that Maggie is bigger than him maybe intimidates Moe a wee bit as well. :)

      2. each eagle has a unique personality as any person you’ve ever met.Not every person you meet will like you & not every eagle you meet will like you.Its as simple as that.
        Moe simply does not like me.

      3. Well I like you, so that can make up for Moe. The Doberman on the corner doesn’t like me – it lays back its ears and bares its teeth. I’ve never been afraid of dogs, but that dog doesn’t like me and when it is out in the front running around untethered while its owner cuts the lawn, I am uneasy. It is two doors away. I asked the owner a few years ago to “introduce” me to Cha Cha because I wanted to reach out and pat it and let it see me talking to its owner … so we did that but I’m still uneasy and dog still growls, bares its teeth and lays back its ears. I walk on the other side so I don’t pass it near the fence. Owner says “Cha Cha is a barker, not a biter” … doesn’t raise my comfort level at all. The dog has an attitude.

      4. see,every animal is unique & I might add there is no rhyme or reason as well!
        I’m very good with animals but my sisters dog doesn’t like me which I take great offense to.I can get along with the most wild of beasts but not my sisters dumb Standard Poodle.

      5. That’s funny, but poodles are fickle too. We had a poodle when I was growing up. He acted wild sometimes. The year before we moved here, he dug a hole under the fence and escaped and ate some poison. There were a pack of dogs in the neighborhood – it sounds like I lived in the ‘hood, but it was a nice neighborhood, but someone wanted to get rid of the dogs, so they put out some rat poison in hamburger. Peppy ate it and came home foaming at the mouth. My mother had to call my father at work to come home to take him to the vet to euthanize him before I came home from school. He was acting crazy as well. We could not train that dog – he wouldn’t listen to anyone … he had his own agenda!

      6. Yes, we didn’t know about the dogs until after he died – it was a few streets over and Peppy evidently strayed from our neighborhood, but found his way back home. I don’t know how quickly the poison affected Peppy … don’t remember how long he was gone before he returned home. I know I was told what happened when I came home from school that day. They baited that hamburger and the dogs went right to it. Suzy, a woman who follows my blog, is an animal lover and she takes care of feral cats outside her home … a neighbor doesn’t like that Suzy does that, so the neighbor put poison in some cat food and it killed all of the cats in the litter.

    1. she has to be the most confident eagle I know! I hadn’t visited her in over a month once.I was over in Ernie & Ethel’s territory taking shots of Strawberry island & the rising moon in behind.She must of seen me & came over.That is a big NO NO for a eagle to do. Trespassing into another eagles territory is not tolerated! Having said she is larger than any other eagle & knows it.Ernie & Ethel remained absent while she was there.I suspect they watched from a distance.

  2. Oh how I studied this close-up of Maggie, Wayne. It is nearly impossible to see details like this in a bald eagle in the field. I especially like all the striations in her pure white head. Thanks so much for bringing her forward. So regal.

    1. the females usually carry a purse.

      the females are 1/3 larger,so their beak to head ratio is larger.Not all birds have this sexual dimorphism where the male is smaller & the females larger.
      Usually the males are more vibrant in colours & the females plain looking.

      1. Actually its just the reverse! Females have plain colouring so they can blend in & hide. This colouring protects them from predators.
        Whereas the males are picked off from being so noticeable.

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