22 thoughts on “A SUNNY BLUE HERON

  1. Wow, those clouds are unique looking the way they are an outline in the sky – and speaking of outlines in the sky, that heron’s profile is beautiful against the sky!

      1. Yup, the clouds in the top and bottom shot were amazing as they were a bright outline on an orange sky and there was the heron taking it all in. The middle photo with the pink-looking clouds was also amazing. (Not sure if that is a heron in that middle shot – beak is too short and body not elongated enough?)

      2. I heard a heron today going down the passageway – screeching its head off, but I never saw him. I did see a contingent of Canada geese, about ten in all, following one another on the water (after I said I’ve not seen them on the water since June) … it was stunning to see them lined up like that. Unfortunately a very gray day here but the reflections looked good as they travelled along.

      3. Those geese came in for a landing, splashdown and they are none too quiet as you know. They sent a few mallards flying up into the air as well. The mallards looked mad as they were just paddling around. I think the heron saw them coming because he squawked before they landed. Did you hear back about the Canada goose with the tag into you sent in? You wondered if that goose was from Alaska?

      4. Wow – I would not have noticed the difference at all. Canada Goose looks thinner in the Wikipedia picture. Is that why its neck looked so puffy – it looked like the I.D. band was choking the poor thing? I have never heard of a Cackling Goose before. We have only Canada Geese here – we have no imagination! So did you hear if it was from Alaska?

      5. I see, I didn’t realize it was stretchy and thought it looked like a cigar band around that poor goose’s neck. Well, you were right that it originated from Alaska.

      6. I didn’t know they banded birds on their neck – I just assumed they banded them with a metal ring around their foot like they do for a domestic bird. We had the band removed for our canaries and parakeets because birds get mites sometimes and they are microscopic, and if the band is on their foot and the mites gets underneath, they scratch and cause bleeding, so we had it removed, but you have to keep the band to show the bird was born in the U.S. and not smuggled in (especially true for tropical birds).

      7. they do use a metal band around the ankle & a larger plastic band around the neck.Its so they can be ID’d at a distance.The metal band is in case that larger band comes off & the body is found.

      8. OK, I understand now and it makes sense as you were not close enough to see the metal band but had no problem taking a picture of the neck band – very effective way to track down these migrating birds.

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