38 thoughts on “ROMEO’S MOON

  1. WOW!
    To convince myself, I shouldn’t move to Tofino I think,
    isn’t it raining there now, lots?
    The irony is, it isn’t raining here at all.
    Hasn’t rained for so many years
    But the Baldies are back here.
    The good thing is they are smart,
    and know how to fly away.

  2. Looks like Romeo made it to the cover of the “Rolling Stone” … oops, I mean became the new blog header photo instead of the bear and the salmon! These pictures are just perfect with the moon in back and some pretty fancy footwork by Romeo as he perches down on that broken tree (I think it is a tree and not a rock?)

    1. that rocky islet has no name & the rock type is interesting as well! It looks like a kind of sandstone?
      I call it his “Throne”.We always meet there.When he sees me coming,he flies out from Beck island,intersects my route & flies beside me.We head to this throne.I always try to beat him there but he always beats me! When he came out Juliette joined him! She just came out to say hello & returned to Beck.Romeo went back as well,which gave me time to get to his throne.By the time he came over I had everything ready!

      1. Yes, when I look at your posts, accessing them from Twitter, I go from the earliest post and work my way to the latest post and it originally appeared like Romeo was sitting on a disintegrated tree stump, later I saw how big this rocky islet was. No wonder you chose one of these photos for the new header photo. I was happy to see Juliette came for a little fly by too. These were awesome pictures. I think the eagles were a little jealous you were busy taking bear pictures and so they showed up and they all made themselves available to you last night!

      2. You will get her next time – maybe tomorrow, unless you deem it too cloudy – I see you said you have “biblical rains” on the way for Wednesday and Thursday.

      3. I was getting ready to head out earlier this afternoon but saw the light diminished some what.So I checked Cox bay camera & the radar.I cancelled right away.A large cloud system had moved in.In half a hour the light was very muted.I won’t be getting anymore moon shots this time around.Weather is already closing in.

      4. That’s too bad, but good thing you have access to that Cox Bay camera and are adept with the radar, so you saved the hassle of getting the boat out and lugging your gear there for nothing. Fall still has another month to go calendar wise, but maybe not weather-wise.

      5. We are subject to Mother Nature’s whims unfortunately. Monday morning’s freezing fog throughout SE Michigan was a good example. I looked outside and it was like pea soup and I cancelled my errands due to fog and black ice – tons of accidents, one a fatality, but I did take my camera out with me to take pics of the fog and the ice that formed on the trees/bushes/leaves. I saw this little video on Accuweather a few days ago and I had hoped to capture the same image, but it was nothing spectacular once I got out there, just a few hulking trees in the distance and the ice on the leaves was not really remarkable looking. Amazingly, the weather cleared up once it got a few degrees above freezing. My boss was out in late afternoon, so I went out a few hours and got the errands done because we had a little more snow this morning and will tomorrow as well. We are 20 degrees or more below normal temps and will not even get to the freezing mark on Thanksgiving. Here is the short video about the rime ice:

      6. usually a warmer air layer above releases rain,which falls into a much colder layer below.Causing the drop to freeze instantly to anything it touches.
        Can’t say we’ve ever had that situation here.I do remember as a teenager skating on the roads once.Everything was coated thickly with ice!

      7. We get most of our freezing rain here in SE Michigan in March. One time we had such bad ice, a thick and smooth coating that made it extremely slick, that walking down the street to the bus stop was downright treacherous. Skates would have been handy. I took baby steps as I walked the block to the main drag and then to the bus stop. Walking on the lawns was good, but then I had to cross the driveways … I was afraid I’d wipe out and fall and break something.

      8. I got some strap on cleats after that … that worked better than lug-soled boots, but then getting onto the bus, the cleats made you skid all over the bus floor until you could unstrap them.

      9. I’ve never been snowshoeing … my boss goes when he goes to the Upper Penninsula as they get a lot of snow and it always looks fun. The bear paws must be like cleats (though I Googled and just see boots by the same name but think it is a brand name). I have YakTraks Pros – they are just coils that fit over boots. People say they can run in them. My mail carrier used YakTraks but wiped out 2X in one Winter when we had a lot of ice during the first Polar Vortex. We had freezing rain and it happened over the snow, overnight, and it was not glare ice, more like washboard ice, but still very slick. We have to remove snow on the City sidewalk within 24 hours or risk a fine, but the ice was so bad, for a few months, I just walked outside for running the car every morning and to shovel and that was it. And on top of the slick ice, I think I mentioned before that I shoveled the driveway, came in the house, and the snow plow came by and dumped a pile of snow at the end of the driveway and then we had freezing rain that night – froze to the piles of snow and even ice melt pellets could not melt that snow. And I had ice in front of the garage so never had the car out of the garage and onto the street from mid-January until mid-March. I tagged along with Marge if I had any errands to do.

      10. I just checked these out – are these comparable to what you used to cross icy lakes Wayne? They have good reviews … maybe I need to buy myself another Christmas present (I already bought the gloves with no tops … they weren’t really warm enough even with the liners, so I had to get another pair with just the fingertips exposed with flip-down caps.) I’d order these before the Christmas rush begins.

      11. I think I would wear these over my lug-soled boots – they say you can wear them over shoes too … my walking shoes aren’t great for walking if there is any wintry precip – they are not crepe-soled, and have heavy, but smooth soles, so no grip, but are very comfortable the rest of the time for walking (in good weather). Since the top strap goes around the front of your leg, they’d be better with boots than shoes I’m thinking … I’d have to see how high I am raised off the ground with them strapped on.

      12. OK, thanks for this link too, but I think I’ll tuck this away and try the original Crampons you sent info on My hiking boots are almost new – I wore them maybe 10 times last year. But I like that concept. This is what my boots look like, but I have other boots I have from the bus days, which, if they are comfortable enough, I could strap the Campons on there and once they fit securely, just leave them on all Winter. (Less tugging and fiddling with the strap, so you lessen the chance of it stretching out over time – these have to last me the rest of my life if I take care of them). I won’t get the carry pouch as I’ll wear them right out of the house and just get a Rubbermai container to store them in:—womens/369324?cm_mmc=CSE-_-GPS-_-G_Shopping_Athletic%20%26%20Sneaker-_-New_Athletic%20%26%20Sneaker&cadevice=c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInc3hmO3j3gIVTrnACh3k9QtwEAQYBSABEgJ9jPD_BwE

      13. You are correct. I asked the woman where I buy my walking shoes (a small family footwear store that’s been in business for 50+ years) for her recommendation. She is an avid walker – she showed me four pair of hiking-style boots, but highly recommended the New Balance. To be honest, they are not comfortable and they rub my ankles so I have to put bubble wrap in my socks. I went online to see if I was lacing them wrong as they have two hooks at the top like skates and they didn’t come with lacing instructions. Unbelievably there are sites on how to lace your hiking boots. Nope I was lacing them okay, but they were expensive (for me anyway) so I just deal with them. I need to wear them more and break them in better. I was recommended “Ice Bugs” and they are shoes, not above the ankle and have grippers on the bottom. I read a post by a blogger who lives in Alaska who said she ran in them and walked her dog in them in snow/ice and felt secure. They were expensive too and wouldn’t work if snow is over the top of your shoes. I have some Sorel boots from the bus days – they are Canadian made I believe, but they don’t feel secure for walking in the snow. They only come in full sizes and I had to get a 9 as I wear an 8 1/2. For the bus, yes, but to walk in the ice and snow, as you know, you have to feel secure, not wobbly, and watching for ice and snow, you can’t be worried about your footwear not fitting properly.

      14. That’s what happened with my other ones that hooked over the top of my boots, (my original ice cleats) They were rubber straps and you had to pull and pull to get them over the boots and you had to worry that they’d stretch and go flying in to the air – not as lethal as these are tho. The YakTraks are good, but they work more for snow, not for ice. The ice is what is worrisome to me and I’d like to know I have something secure if if I just go around the side of the house when there is glare ice.

      15. Never thought of using walking poles – that’s a good idea! I used to see a woman at the Park use them as you’re supposed to be able to get a better workout. She drove to Council Point Park every day and did 9 miles every morning. She said they gave her spring action to propel her forward faster. I had never seen them before her using them. Now she has Meniere’s disease now and suffers from vertigo so can’t drive and doesn’t walk anymore. I saw her at the store one time with her husband. It’s scary when you are walking and trying to stay healthy and this happens. Another walker did five miles daily and used a treadmill all Winter and she had a heart episode — went to E.R. and had to have a pacemaker put in immediately. Missed her all this Summer as we usually pass on the path and she works from home so we’d chat about that sometimes. Saw her and her husband at the grocery store and she said she is afraid to get on a treadmill or walk anymore – I am guessing the episode happened while walking. Poles could be next year’s Christmas present. I am not indulgent to myself and the two pair of gloves were going to be it, but in the back of my mind I had been thinking of ramping up the ice protection, not just for walking in Winter but just in general after trying to get out to run the car and going down the side of the house which looked like a luge run. I have to run the car every day, despite having the trickle charger on it, plus I go out to break off the icicles in Winter … not only on the gutters but they form on the furnace pipe from the steam dripping out – I have a high-efficiency furnace. Hopefully walking on bare cement would not damage the spikes? Sometimes there are places that are not totally ice covered.

      16. Back in 88 I came up with the idea of using poles while I was snowshoeing. I called it “Power Shoeing”. I also got children’s poles instead of adult ones.I wanted to fully extend my arm.I found they helped tremendously,especially going up a hill! I’d pull a belly sled so those poles helped greatly!

        Yes,If you walk on a lot of concrete with those crampons you will wear down the points. You’ll have to always take a second pair of boots with you.You can’t drive the car or go into a store with them on.So you’ll have to take along a second pair as your going to leave them on the shoe all the time.
        If you get poles make sure they have points.Maybe get the poles of that woman who won’t be using them anymore?

      17. Thank you for the tips Wayne – I did see the walking poles were online at Amazon but I would go and try them at a sporting goods store I think and I will keep in mind to get childrens, not adults, so that answers my question because the few I saw were either collapsible or full size – I was thinking collapsible not so good as you want stability … just walking on a trail in no snow, if one collapses, no big deal, as the other pole would support you (hopefully), but if you’re relying on it for stability in the ice/packed snow, not so great. But kids size … will keep that in mind. I am 5′ 9″ tall.

        OK, that’s what I thought about walking on cement in them … so, not for in the neighborhood and just carry them with me – not a big deal if I drive there or even walk there … I did not get the carry case for them, it did not get good reviews (fit was a little tight and points poked through) and I would see if I could keep them hooked on a pair of boots 100% of the time to avoid stretching the strap too much. I don’t see that woman walker anymore – the vertigo issue she had must’ve been 2-3 years ago. I usually never go grocery shopping on weekends except when loading up for the Winter – I generally dash out on a weekday before I start work or when my boss is out in the morning to avoid the crowds. This was unusual I saw both of these women the same time so not sure when I’d see her again. I remember thinking they were a good idea for Summer but then I said “how would I take pictures and how would I feed the squirrels?”

      18. That’s true … you always think practically! I have to manage what I carry better. That’s why I usually end up with the small camera – it’s easier to use when my hands are busy. I am hoping since Thursday and Friday are clear, I can take the other camera and use it for a change – probably have to recharge the batteries as it’s been the end of September since I last used it.

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