12 thoughts on “DINING WITH FRIENDS

  1. I got some killer GBH’s today. They are easier to photograph because they tend to freeze. I also saw lots of their recently consumed skeletons, bobcats, coyotes, and even cougar tracks around the kills. Freezing isn’t the best strategy for avoiding such predators, or photographers.
    Love seeing your photos.

    1. yes……& with me too.To get these shots I had to go into the shallows where the ell grass wrapped around my prop.Always a pain to get rid of it.If I don’t the engine vibrates badly because the prop is unbalanced.

  2. I don’t recall ever seeing two herons in one photo before Wayne – is this unusual? That one heron looks like it is goose-steppin’ in the two photos. You sure got a lot of birds in these shots … even birds lifting off and in the sky.

      1. That could be … I didn’t realize they were so territorial and guess I should have known as I’ve never seen two of them together even in larger Parks along the water. I liked the way that heron was picking his feet up like he was walking in a cow pasture!

      2. I was thinking it was mucky and the muck was getting between its toes, so the heron was trying to eliminate its feet looking like your boat propeller.

      3. When I was on that eagle’s nest cruise this Summer, they stopped the boat and put a camera down to see what fish were below … the aquatic plants (mostly wild celery) was so thick you couldn’t see any fish.

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