24 thoughts on “DAREDEVIL PROFILES

  1. All three photos are amazing but I am so partial to the pictures with reflections and you have captured the entire Daredevil on the water. That second picture looks like a plane coming in for a landing and the third photo was the Daredevil flying overhead? Those big yellow feet and long talons – wow. This is an up-close-and-personal shot!

    1. he was flying about 6 feet behind me while the boat was planing! Standing up,turning just my upper body (while keeping my feet firmly spread left/right & forward/back) & getting the lens steady on his face is a true test! Of course I can only do this if the water is calm.Any waves,even small are too dangerous.I let go of the tiller arm.
      I enjoy playing that game with him! Its such a honour to be accepted into his world! Having a large wild eagle just feet away flying strongly & looking into its eyes is nothing short of magical! I’m very fortunate!

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